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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! Here I am waiting to learn more about what Samsung is going to be launching tonight! Will they launch yet another product unknown? Let’s see... The story so far... Galaxy S4 Active, S4 Mini, S4 Zoom, Mega, Galaxy Tab 3 and there’s a Galaxy digital SLR... What’s next? Well, I know ATIV is a series of Windows devices, so a handset is certainly on the cards... What else? We shall see...

The launch is now over and as predicted we were introduced to the Galaxy S4 family of devices:

S4 Mini
S4 Active
S4 Zoom

No big surprises there... Then to complete the Android range Samsung unveiled the Galaxy NX that features LTE, Jelly Bean 4.2.2 (it should upgrade via firmware). The Galaxy NX had been going around the rumour mill for weeks now. It seems that Samsung just can’t keep a secret! Lol! The Galaxy NX looks potentially great what with its interchangeable lenses for the most professional photographer!

Although I wasn’t surprised I can say that I did feel the wow factor! The Galaxy S4 Zoom looks like a great idea... I think it is very innovative. But little did you know that such hybrid phone and camera handsets have been in existence in Asia for a few years now; the European and US market weren’t ready for it. But we have developed an appetite for beautiful gadgets! The only thing that I could think of was, “How do I get one?” The 10x optical zoom lens is excellent! The Galaxy S4 Zoom is on my growing lists of wants!

We're also introduced to more colours for the Galaxy S4. Why couldn't we have the choice when we're upgrading our contracts?

As for the ATIV range... WOW!!!! I was surprised that there was no handset for Windows... However, Samsung has delivered a innovative range of products:

ATIV Q – 13.3” dual Windows and Android tablet

How about that? I think that the ATIV Q could be the one that rocks the iPad boat. I’m sure you must have heard the rumour about Samsung bringing out a 13” tablet, I guess this is it. What I am excited about it that it gives the best of both worlds, Windows (even though I am fed up with their inconsistent crap) and Android. It is a tablet to drool over as it looks fantastic with its metal body and “qHD+” 3200 x 1800 screen that Samsung claims is the highest resolution on a tablet. Kudos! The S Pen is there to replace the mouse and it serves as a drawing / handwriting tool. I just wanna know how much it costs!!! It reminds me a little of the Asus Transformer tablet; the ATIV Q can fold out and transform into a laptop-like experience.

You don’t have to reboot to get into either Android or Windows; you can switch between them and even have Android apps running on top of Windows! Perfect!

I want one! Oh, it comes with Microsoft Office 2013 – so, you can get going straightaway!

I just hope the price isn’t prohibitive. Oh, it promises to offer optimum visibility in the sunlight. Cool!


This is a 10.1” Windows 8 tablet – the full Windows 8 and not RT. It looks good... There’s no Android on it and it also has the S Pen too! I can’t say that I am a big fan of Windows tablets, but Samsung has made the prospect interesting.


I think these babies are after Apple’s Macbook. Certainly – especially the Plus model – has the potential to do very well. Maybe there’s a possibility for disgruntled Mac folk to jump ship here!

What I miss with the unveil of the Windows products is a demonstration of productivity apps / software for video, music and office... What’s so special about the ATIV Book 9? The weight? How slim it is? No! It’s what it can do!

If ever Samsung needed to bring out a circus-type show like they did in New York it would have been today! It needed something along the lines of...

“Here’s Blue Gene. He’s computer musician and he is looking to upgrade his laptop... We gave Blue Gene the ATIV Book 9 Plus and now he is able to make music on the go using <insert product>. He has just shot a video for one of his tracks using <insert Samsung HD camcorder> and has edited it here...” Roll video... Nothing! C’mon... Quit messing around! Apple takes every opportunity to bring up the fact that some artists use their products and Samsung needs to do the same!


The ATIV One 5 Style is another interesting device... It’s an all in one desktop (hence the name) that is aimed at the family. It features a quad-core CPU and Samsung’s SoundAlive technology.

Again, the focus is on the hardware and not what it can do.


Tonight’s proceedings was hosted by none other than Jason Bradbury of the Gadget Show. He was ok... I have to say that he doesn’t quite have that charm as Suzi Perry... Bradbury’s style is a little jarring... I don’t enjoy is presenting skills. Sorry!

The show was quite subdued for a Samsung launch. However, I do prefer a sombre Samsung launch to an Apple event any day of the week...

I’m left wanting some of that sexy gear! And wondering why Samsung didn’t have a launch for the Android Galaxy Tab 3... Oh well... Roll on Galaxy Note 3 launch!

Take good care!

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