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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! Do you think that Apple CEO Tim Cook is really doing PR – very good PR – for Google and Samsung? I can’t help but wonder... I guess you must be wondering why I am wondering... Ok, I am going to reveal all... Are you sitting comfortably?

Yes, former Apple CEO made an appearance at the Apple WWDC conference to let the good folk know about the wonderful virtues of the Android operating system...

“Some Android users are still using an operating system from 2010-11...”

Well, it just goes to show how great Android is! I have said it before and I will say it again: Many Android users aren’t too bothered about the latest version as long as they can do what they want when they want! But Jelly Bean users are growing!

I still use my antique HTC Desire transparently alongside my S2, S4, Note 2, RAZRi and newly acquired HTC One X which I have rooted!

Everybody... Say it with me... Android just works!

How is it possible that Cook can state that Android folk use their handsets 50% less than iPhone users?

I use all of my phones every single day for hours! I am Gmailing, social networking, Web surfing, etc. So, I really don’t understand that one... Cook stated that he got the information from Experia... Interesting... I tried to look up Experia and I couldn’t find them. Hmmmm... What do you make of that? Lol! “Incredible... But maybe not surprising...”

Android Web usage is only 24%???? Ok, let me get this straight... Android is the most dominant operating system on the planet right now and iOS devices visit the Web at 60% to the Android’s 24%???? Even though the iPad is a great selling tablet (and with good reason) I seriously doubt Cook’s figures.

I think this is propaganda to persuade the app developers to stay iOS! It is shameful! Lol! The whole premise of iPhone users being more satisfied than Android users is just nuts! So satisfied that many iPhone users jumped ship to Android last year with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2! Let’s not forget all the Patent Wars that Apple has been aiming at Samsung! But, no... Apple isn’t threatened. Yeah, right!

Cook went on to state that the iPad and iPhone were driving the sales on Black Friday! I have no way of telling... I must admit that I am not a great Web shopper! If I do shop I like to use my PC! It stands to reason as I am behind the PC writing blogs and what not! I guess I am a little old fashioned in that I do prefer to shop offline that on! I just like to pick things up... Feel them, etc. I guess it gets me from out of these four walls!

Of course, I am not every Android user and there’s no way that I believe in what Cook says! And what is this J.D. Power award? How is it possible that the iPhone won an award for the most satisfied customer 9 consecutive times when iPhone customers hated the maps app???? Not forgetting that sales of the iPhone 5 was disappointing!

Plus more people are opting for either the Galaxy S4 or HTC One this year!

I am certain that whenever Cook mentions the competition that he actually helps to sell more devices for the competition! Count how many times Cook mentions Google or refers to the competition as “Those other guys...” The man can’t help himself when talking about the competition.

I have a feeling that the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One will get a further boost from the WWDC keynote.

Oh, don’t get me started on iOS 7... Hahahaha! Again, let me make my stance clear... I think iOS 7 is great for iPhone users! It’s about time they get to experience what Android users have been experiencing for a couple of years now! It makes me laugh that they have created a bank of settings at the bottom as opposed to Android’s being at the top!

But what I got from the keynote is that Apple is most likely to stick to the current screen size largely because they aren’t willing to jeopardise the standard that developers are already familiar with. I think he’s selling their fans short in stark contrast to Google. Sure, it would have been fantastic had Android been able to resize with every single device out there but in the long run Android keeps going from strength to strength... Things with Android are improving greatly! I am looking forward to Jelly Bean 4.3 and eventually 5, Key Lime Pie!

One thing is for sure is that Tim Cook and cohorts are causing a lot of people to do the math! It doesn’t add up!

“Incredible... But maybe not surprising...”

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