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Good early evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! Here’s some great and promising news regarding tablets! Independent hardware developer, Tronity, are about to answer the prayers of those wanting a high quality Android tablet without the high costs associated with it! Read on...

ROOT 101
Root 101 is an open source 10.1” tablet and the blossoming consumer electronics manufacturer, Tronity, appears to have gotten the look of the tablet right and the components too! Here’s the spec:

Dimensions: 260mm x 173mm x 9.9mm
Display: 10.1-inch IPS HD screen,1280 x 800 resolution
CPU: AmLogic AML8726-MX dual-core clocked at 1.5GHz
GPU: Mali-400 dual-core
Storage: 16GB internal, can be extended through microSD up to 32GB
Camera: VGA on the front and 2MP on the back
Battery: 7000 mAh (up to 9 hours of life)
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth, microUSB, mini HDMI with output support for 1080p
Others: 3.5mm jack, microphone, 2 rear speakers

I would have wanted a screen with a higher resolution and for a smaller bezel! But for under $200 I can’t complain! It's got all the right connectivity and expansion!

As you may have guessed from the name, Root 101, the tablet is already pre-rooted! No need to go through the fire of rooting. Support for Cyanogenmod and Paranoid Android is included in addition to stock Android. Brilliant! I do like that very much indeed!

In a nut shell Tronity are seeking funding through Indegogo to enable manufacture in China. I am going to make a contribution because I believe in what the young start up is doing!

You can support them here:

Because Tronity needs help with funding it is projected that the tablet could be available by August 2013. I hope these innovative guys make it!

I have been wondering for ages why Android can’t get it together to create a truly outstanding tablet as there are a great number of manufacturers with the capacity to mass produce! And mass production makes the tablet inexpensive! It is about time a manufacturer stepped to the plate and I applaud and support Tronity’s vision.

I think Google can make their Nexus 7 tablet even more inexpensive than it is! Google can afford to mass produce knowing that folk will snap it up if the price is right! Obviously, the Nexus 7 took off and sold like hotcakes so, therefore Google can afford to bump up the spec and include microSD card storage! In fact, I don’t know why Google don’t get behind Tronity! Imagine that... The Root 101 meets all of Google’s criteria for a Nexus experience. If any company can afford to give Tronity the funding it’s Google with their multibillions accumulating interest by the hour! I think Google can take care of these guys with less than a day’s worth of interest! C’mon, Google step up!

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