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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! My goodness! I almost forgot about the Apple WWDC! Let’s see what’s falling off the Apple tree...

Well, from what I have seen, there’s nothing from Apple in this WWDC to shout about! The big announcements were already anticipated: iTunes radio and iOS 7. Yes, iOS 7 received the much imagined new look which is okay... To me iOS 7 looks a lot like a combination of Android Jelly Bean, HTC Sense and TouchWiz. Honestly! As a fan of technology I think this is a good thing for folks who like the iPhone and iPad.

As usual there were the pot shots aimed squarely at Android. Again, I have learned not to take it seriously... And as an Android user I can say – hand on heart – that I don’t understand how and why they are able to state certain things... For example they say that Android users aren’t satisfied... My immediate thoughts are:

1. Then why is Android the biggest operating system on the planet?

2. Why do I go for an Android each and every time an upgrade is due? Ok, I am not everybody but we can see that for the first time Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has overtaken iPhone sales. The HTC One has done very well too! I just don’t get it.

3. iPhone sales has taken a dive to the point where Apple shares are at an all-time low!

4. A majority of folk were very, very disappointed by Apple maps.

5. I know many folk who have jumped ship to Android – notably on the Galaxy S3, Note 2 and S4. And the people what I know who have jumped ship have told me in no uncertain terms that they prefer what Samsung premium handsets have to offer!

6. They say that more iPhones browse the web than Android and I think that is incorrect due to the fact that Android dominates.

Anybody could do a pie chart and graph to say anything!

I had wondered if Apple is able to do a WWDC event without feeling a need to take cheap shots at the competition; I got my answer tonight! Lol!

As usual they try to make something out of the different versions of Android... Lol! I dunno... <shakes head> It is likely that Android developers are finding it a challenge to develop apps simply for the sheer amount of choice for the consumer! As a user I can say that I use my S4 and HTC Desire (running Gingerbread) seamlessly!

I really don’t see the point in what Apple are trying to do here. It’s a waste of time if you ask me! Apple would be better off concentrating on what its users want instead of trying to be the dominant presence in the playground! What they have shown is pretty pedestrian.

I thought that Google’s i / O event was so much better! And, no... ...I don’t want to fuel rivalries between the two companies... However, I feel that Google is doing better things easily! As I have said before, Google is more about the concept of Technology that works for everybody! I know that if Google were so inclined they could sue for the “new” notifications that have been a feature of Android for a couple of years now! But Google expect that many mobile operating systems would like that wonderful feature by default. Just like Windows borrowed from Mac OS that borrowed from Linux – it’s a natural thing. No need to bring out the lawyers!

I like that Google develop apps and games that can be used / played on multi-platforms. I guess Tim Cook didn’t listen to what Google CEO Larry Page had to say about working together for the greater good instead of being money oriented. Never mind!

Maybe one day Apple will see the light and relent. Once again, as a Technology fan, I can’t get excited about anything that Apple announces. I give them a C- for this WWDC. Google gets an A+!

I guess Apple fans were relieved to find that there was no news of yet another piece of hardware! It is likely that new hardware will come around September so that folk can get ready for seasonal shopping i.e. Christmas! Lol! But I do think that Apple is contemplating giving the iPhone a bigger screen...  They’re just waiting for everybody to forget the “Hand Science” behind the behind the times iPhone. I would want a bigger screen for iPhone fans due to the fact that iPhone users can’t help looking at my S4, Note 2 and HTC One screens with a sense of envy! I know that when they get bigger screens they’ll be able to enjoy video / movies, etc.

Oh, there was a sneak peak at a cylindrical Macbook Pro... Is it an innovation or a redesign that moves from boxes to a cylinder? We’ll see!

How did you find the WWDC this year?

I am just waiting for my Adorable Friend who is an Apple fan to wax on about what Android users have been enjoying for years that is now available in iOS 7. This should be fun! Lol!

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