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Good late afternoon / early evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! As always, I am hoping that all is well in your world!

3 more days to go before we find out what Samsung has in store for us! Perhaps it’s time for a little bubble bursting... Hahahaha!

I don’t know about you but I always get carried away with the concept renderings of any new top of the range handset – let alone Samsung’s premium devices! I see one that I think is feasible and set my sights on it only to be disappointed. But the disappointment dissipates when I see what the latest handset has to offer in terms of spec and function; Samsung has never failed to deliver!

If the pictures above are anything to go by then I am disappointed with the GS5 handset design. I was and still am expecting something of a departure...Radical? I can only dream of a radical design from Samsung! It’s not like that cannot be radical. It could very well be that once they have their flexible display problems ironed out we’ll be seeing some weird and wonderful looking devices!

Anyhoo, it could be that the third party case manufacturer is predicting the look of the GS5 but then again you can see that there are two distinct handsets (four if you take the colours into consideration). One handset features the (in)famous ‘Home’ button and one does not! Hmmmm... So, which one is the prime: the one with or without the ‘Home’ button? And does that mean that only one of them will have the fingerprint scanner?

Hmmmm... There’s a clue that the GS5 and Prime models aren’t genuine: the date is 23 February and not the 24th to coincide with the Unpacked event.

So, fingers crossed for that design departure! I do think that Samsung will have stiff competition from the likes of HTC and LG! The design is a key factor!

What do you reckon?

Review coming very soon.... Stay tuned (pun unintended but works so well)...  

Take good care!

Thank you for watching and reading!

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