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Good evening, Good Friends! How are you? Me? I am freezing! Time to put the heating on methinks! They say if you move around you’ll keep warm but one sudden move could break me into splinters! The only smart move is to put the heating on! Lol! I hope you are keeping warm!

As parts of the Internet is lit up with Samsung Galaxy S5 rumour along comes competitive rumours regarding what could possibly be the iPhone 6! Ooooh! Gasp!


C’mon! You know as well as I do that the iPhone 5S and 5C were huge disappointments in every way:

1. Design. Nothing really changed in terms of the design. The difference is a fingerprint button! Other than that the design is the same boring design. Boo!

2. The handset itself is just so plain in terms of interaction; it’s just dull!

3. Today’s iPhone just seems to appeal to technological simpletons (which ties into point number 2); I think that is why it is quite popular with women (that think they won’t understand anything complex i.e. Android handsets).

What can we expect? Bezel free? Hmmmm... I doubt that Apple will make such a huge leap in design. As I have come to know Apple they like to do things incrementally. Since the first incarnation of the iPhone the design hasn’t changed much in comparison to Samsung’s distinctive Galaxy S designs. Mind you the latest iPad has a very slim bezel and that could possibly be where the iPhone will go in terms of design. But bezel free? No! In theory Samsung and / or anyone of the Android competitors could have filed a patent on a bezel free design and Apple could run the risk of encroaching upon a patent just like they did with the initial iPhone. However, this willingness to sue the competition for a similar to the iPhone design has caused Android to diversify its designs! Thank goodness for that!

Version 6 should be a milestone for Apple! This is a good reason to make the iPhone 6 special! I get the feeling that they’ll increase the size again! Hmmm... 4.9”? 5.2”? And how will they explain the new size without looking silly, huh? Lol!

Ah, version 6 could see the introduction of their iPhone 6” phablet! I am just curious about the spin they’ll put on it! Lol! They always go on about others stealing their technology so this I’ve gotta see!

All in all, I do wish – for the sake of the fans – that the iPhone 6 will be what iPhone fans want! Many iPhone fans have jumped ship to the likes of the Galaxy S4 and Note 3! From a technological point of view it is not surprising!

What do you reckon?   

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