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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! I hope all is well with you! Sadly, I am struck down with a bad cold and hope to be back up and running, back to 101% very soon!

Yes, it’s that time again... Time to speculate on what will be the Galaxy S5! And this time there won’t be a lot of space to speculate! I am presuming that Samsung is aiming to strike before the imminent iPhone 6 is launched later this year!

BARCELONA, 24/02/2014
It seems as though Samsung is going to return to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to wow visitors and press alike with the Galaxy S5! Samsung are said to be disappointed with worldwide sales of over 40 million Galaxy S4 units. Only an ambitious company that Samsung is can be disappointed where other companies would be over the moon to have sold as many units! I think that it is fair to say that in the US the iPhone is always going to be the top seller. Samsung is the undisputed king of the Android market outside the US! Knowing Samsung they will not be content until they topple iPhone sales on US soil!

Launching the Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress makes a great deal of sense as the most of the world will be watching!

Uh-uh! I don’t mean forget the Galaxy S5 taking off and doing considerably well around the world – including the US! What I mean is that I am not going to bother to speculate too deeply on the specifications because I have learned that Samsung will do its own thing regardless of expectations!

Eyes Sensor? It would be ideal. Fingerprint Sensor? It appears to be more likely! I am perfectly happy with using a password for security! Judging from what I have been hearing about the iPhone 5S the fingerprint scanner isn’t all that! I think such security technology is in its infancy and there are bound to glitches here and there – especially when the giants of tech try to outdo each other in this race for dominance!

64 bit processor? Unlikely for the S5 but very possible for the Galaxy Note 4! I know that Samsung would like to go 64 bit but it may be too early for the GS5! It wouldn’t at all surprise me if Samsung released a 64 bit version of the S5 further down the line! But I really don’t think 64 bit is a crucial component for Android handsets at the moment; the quad core processor has become so fast over the last year - much to the joy of Android users enjoying premium handsets of which the Galaxy S4 is one!

I would imagine that the GS5 will get a 16MP camera capable of 4K. Yes, I would imagine that keen photographers would want a 20MP camera to match the likes of Sony! But I am quite sure that the camera is going to be great! Many Galaxy S fans are hoping for an optical stabilizer!

It is said that Samsung is looking to give TouchWiz an overhaul so that it looks like the best of Google Now, Windows 8 and HTC Sense = Magazine UX. But I would imagine that most people who are unhappy with TouchWiz can always use another launcher! Personally, I don’t mind TouchWiz on the GS4 and Note 2 as I find these beasts fast enough for my needs! 

As much as I like the Galaxy S4 I do believe that HTC really showed how great an Android phone can look with the One!

I thought the Galaxy S2 was a great design departure than that of the S3 that followed. The S4 seemed to be a refinement of the S3 and Note 2. I do believe that Samsung will be pushing for something as radical as the HTC One! But I am hoping very much that this does not come at the cost of a removable battery!

If you have been following my articles you will know that I am not a fan of metal because it makes the handset more expensive to produce, plus metal dents and scratches. Having seen battered iPhones I am convinced that Samsung has got the materials right! That said, I have yet to see a battered HTC One!

If I am correct, Samsung will continue to refine the design of the Galaxy Note 3 and that will reflect on the Galaxy S5! Looking at the passed patent designs for a Samsung handset it is very possible that the GS5 will feature a wrap around display thus being the first handset to do away with the bezel altogether. Speaking of display...

Many have said that the Galaxy S4, Note 3 and HTC One has smashed the iPhone retina screen. It is said that Samsung are going to make the retina screen finally redundant with 2,560×1,440 resolution at 560 dpi! Wow – if it turns out to be accurate! In any event I think that we will be seeing a rather futuristic looking handset that is mainly screen! I do think that there will be no physical buttons on this version and that will probably delight Google who have been advocating that manufacturers follow their non-physical button aesthetic. Fingers crossed! Sometimes the physical button can be a little cumbersome at times when compared to using handsets without!

I expect the Galaxy S5 to be running the latest KitKat, 4.4.

The rumour is that the GS5 will feature 4GB of RAM! I would imagine that this is to make up for not having a 64 bit CPU!

The rumour is that the GS5 will feature 4GB of RAM! I would imagine that this is to make up for not having a 64 bit CPU!

What do you reckon?   

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