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Are you serious? C'mon, Nokia...

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If you have been paying a little attention to the Mobile World Congress this year you probably have one question in mind...

Hmmm... Looking at the Nokia X range I can see that they have arrived too late with a modified Android operating system. The X range is about 6 years too late! Yes, 6 years ago Android wasn’t as ubiquitous as it is today! Today just about every housewife / ordinary Josephine knows that Android is an operating system. What, “Sexist!” you say? No. Of course there are some great tech journalists such as Jessica Dolcourt who knows their tech. But the reality has been – at least from my perspective – that many women 5 or 6 years ago thought that Android was a handset manufacturer – if they ever heard the operating system at all. I have told you in previous articles how many women bought a budget Android handset only to find that it has no storage capacity for essential apps, etc.

Anyhoo! Needless to say that I think that Nokia has missed an opportunity to do something grand with Android and their handsets X, X+ & XL are out of step with today’s budget Android offerings. Their spec is so uninteresting that I can’t be bothered to take the time to list them! I don’t think the X series is going to work on a mass scale! The “X” is short for eXit out of the handset market AGAIN!! The Windows 8 handsets haven’t exactly set the world on fire! But I acknowledge the Lumia 1020 for its innovative 41MP camera and that’s about it!

A massive company like Amazon is able to get away with a bastardized Android user interface because of the huge ecosystem that it is: music, movies and books! But Nokia and Microsoft do not have such an ecosystem to be messing around with Android and leading people to the sparse Microsoft application store! Of course the X user (hee hee) would have access to other app stores but I do think that Nokia has missed a great opportunity to create a stunning Android handset!

It seems that the once fearless Nokia are dipping in a toe to test the waters which is quite odd because we know that Android sells and very, very well at that! The “X” range is what the likes of ZTE, Huawei and LG were – and in some cases still are – putting out a couple of years ago! I don’t see how the “X” range is going to fly!

I reckon Nokia should have been brave and / or smart and put out a lower-mid range like the Motorola Moto G for example! It would have been better to have used a launcher that emulates the Windows 8 phone interface. What Nokia have done to Android is not exactly horrible but it is definitely not good!

It’s a shame because I see Nokia ending up like BlackBerry if they don’t watch out!

What do you reckon?   

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