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No contest, right? 
With specs like that I want the Samsung tablet!
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Good late evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! I hope you’ve had a good day and if your day is unravelling where you are... ...there’s still time! 

As we’re counting down to the main event we’re going to see a few more leaks that include spec changes... Lately, I’ve seen online rumours that the “Galaxy S5 Prime” that is said to feature a 2K screen is “not expected to arrive too soon...” In other words, all we’re seeing is rumour and disinformation... In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if the sources of rumours are just a way to bring traffic to their respective websites. However, you can’t ignore or get into the guessing game!

Oh, guess what? Samsung are back to their ol’ fun antics again! Yay!

Yes, that’s right! I am on about the latest Samsung ads that put Apple in their place! When you see such ads it makes you realize – even more – that Apple products aren’t up to their hype!

I love the ad that compares the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 to the iPad Air. I have yet to get a tablet and I reckon that the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 could be it! I can see that it has quality over the iPad (Hot) Air in terms of screen resolution, build and multitasking function.

And the ad that compares the Galaxy Note 3 to the latest iPhone 5S is great fun! What’s more is that the information is accurate! Apple can’t beat Samsung products: FACT! The only thing that Apple can do is attempt to sabotage Samsung with endless lawsuits for standard interaction on a mobile device. Apple wants to make like they are the beginning and end of mobile devices.

It shows that Apple have nothing inventive in the tank! Whenever you hear someone from Apple talk or read an interview they are always griping and taking shots at the competition. Cook and co thinks that by continually slating the competition that their (Apple) products will be better by default. But I guess this idea is working because the iPad Air is said to be the biggest selling tablet at the moment. People are easily brainwashed!

These ads should air (no pun intended) on British TV! I think these ads will shock those who think they know best!

MORE RUMOUR... is said that Samsung will reveal Galaxy Gear 2 with the Tizen operating system. Hmmm... Could there be any truth in that? I guess the only way it could be true is Tizen being completely compatible with Android and apps! Remember, the first Galaxy Gear works with Galaxy handsets and it would defeat the purpose if Tizen weren’t compatible.

Yes, there is a rumour that Samsung will reveal one Galaxy S5 with Android and the other Tizen. To me it does not make sense for Samsung to confuse the marketplace with a version of the GS5 that could leave people confused, thus causing folk to go onto the competitors. I know that people are eyeing up the next incarnation of the HTC One – The Newer All Shiny One or whatever it will be called!

What we will see revealed at the MWC14 on Monday will be the following...

A new design based around a 5.2” screen that’ll be 1080p that’ll be sharper than the GS4.
An improved 16MP camera.
A fingerprint scanner.
A 2.5GHz CPU with 3GB RAM.

Oh, we will probably see refinements in the TouchWiz overlay! But that’s about it!

I think this build up concerning this 2k 560 dpi screen may come as a big disappointment to some!

In my estimation the key things for Samsung to get right is the design, camera and fingerprint scanner – if scanning your fingerprint is too clunky then it’s game over already!

The design has to be more of a departure from this similar looking range. I personally like the designs as they become more refined with each release. Just look at how beautiful the Galaxy Note 3 looks compared to the Note 2! The Galaxy S3 was a grand statement in design and the S4 looks more like a Note 2 mini! Samsung has to somehow present the GS5 with something that looks out of this world come Monday!

I thought the GS4 camera was good but it was slightly disappointing as Samsung is capable of more. The competition has more than caught up with the camera on both the GS4 and Note 3, but I give the edge based on quality to the Galaxy range.

I am slightly concerned about this fingerprint scanner... It has to be a very, very decent implantation or it becomes a focal point of derision which I would not want for Samsung or my future Galaxy S5! I am due an upgrade at some point!

5 whole days... It is torturous for this Samsung fan! Lol!

Come Monday we’ll see the Gear 2. We all know or should know that the initial Gear was put out in a rush in order to beat Apple. Apple was a no show and I can only assume that they are perfecting their iWatch device!

If Gear 2 will be revealed I suspect that it will be an Android device and that it will be a big improvement!

Then Samsung will reveal a new Exynos chip – perhaps it’ll be 64 bit and that it will be coming to the Note 4!

Knowing Samsung I do think that there will be other iterations of the Galaxy S5 i.e. Zoom, Active and so on. If the new Exynos chip is 64 bit and it is not in the Galaxy S5 then I do suspect that a “Prime” model will be on the cards. Why? Ok, glad you asked...

It is no secret that Samsung wants to punish Apple for their seemingly endless contempt (and unfairly so); the iPhone 6 is said to be due around September – I think! So, it would not surprise me if Samsung put out a GS5 Prime model that features the 2k screen as well as the Galaxy Note 3. Some people still find that the Galaxy Note phablet is too big and it is a possibility that people would opt for the smaller GS5 Prime instead.

But I am quite certain that Apple will be launching at least 3 different handsets this year:

iPhone 6 4.8”
iPhone 6 6”
iPhone 6C 4.8”

When Apple are pretty quiet you just know that they are going to buck a trend that will go against its once hard and fast rule. Apple are a business at the end of the day and if they see Samsung enjoying great success with their Galaxy Note range then they will reluctantly follow suit for the money and to be seen as keeping up with the competition. I have always said that Apple should not speak in public with regards to their “Hand Science” design that allows the iPhone to be used comfortably in one hand! This is why Samsung have created the ad that shows the iPhone as dated in comparison to the Note 3 which has a HD screen! In doing so Samsung will show the audience that it is Apple who are copyists! Kudos to Samsung!

What do you reckon?

Review coming very soon.... Stay tuned (pun unintended but works so well)...  

Take good care!

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