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Huawei is constantly threatening to do something brilliant and, according to them, they are ready to amaze at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress, 23 Feb!

Ooooh, this is truly an exciting time for mobile devices! I can’t wait to see what will be revealed at the MWC this month! It is going to be phenomenal!

It’s no secret that the ones to beat are Samsung and Apple when it comes to smartphones and tablets! The runners up are LG, HTC and Motorola! A few companies have shown potential brilliance and have yet to deliver: Acer, ZTE, Alcatel and, of course, Huawei!

What has happened with the LG, Alcatel and Huawei budget market is that Motorola threw a spanner in the works! Well, I say “spanner” but it really was a standard. That’s right, I am talking about the Moto G which is very inexpensive at £99 (as you probably have seen) and you get a very good handset for the money! Rather than opt for one of the above manufacturers budget efforts that aren’t up to much in terms of speed and storage capacity you’d, if you’re smart, go for a Moto G! I would! I am done with the Android budget market from any other manufacturer! The Moto G rules! Don’t get me started on HTC’s and Samsung’s budget efforts! Lol!

With the new budget standard set by the Moto G I envisage a massive scramble to produce a quality budget handset that will astound from the usual players! The question is: Will Huawei truly amaze? They have come so very close to releasing brilliant and beautiful handsets only to be usurped by Samsung, HTC and Apple premium handsets. Personally, I don’t like the iPhone design; I will probably never own an iPhone unless Apple gives me one so that I can review the handset fairly (as I would) and the apps that come with it.

I think that Huawei’s biggest hurdle is getting people to know about Huawei products. Apple was very clever with their advertising and it helped that they were the first to produce something so simple and appealing. We know that Apple’s marketing strategy has just imploded!

Samsung has done remarkably well to claw a substantial market from Apple with the Galaxy premium devices in S and Note. It also helps that the products are great! Just about everybody who loves handsets are wondering that the Galaxy S5 is all about!

I know that Huawei can come up with a decent – more than decent – handset. But can they publicize it enough to make it matter? One of the good things about these powerful new premium handsets is that it drives down the prices of the likes of Huawei’s idea of premium and therefore you should be able to pick up a decent, powerful older premium Huawei handset! I would like to get hold of one just to root it and experiment with loading up new ROMs and launchers!

Huawei’s is promising a decent handset with a remarkable front-facing camera and a very slim tablet with a wow factor! Well, if they can deliver 2014 could be Huawei’s year! It would be great for them as they have been trying very, very hard!

Let’s prepare ourselves to be amazed! Hopefully, I will bring you some reviews on the products! 

What do you reckon?

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