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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! It may please you to know that I am feeling back on my game! Yay! I hope you’re feeling good – if not great too!

Yes, I have been trying to track the progress of Samsung Galaxy S5 news! And here is the latest...

BARCELONA, 24/02/2014
Once again anyone and everyone who loves mobile phone technology are looking to the 24th February to learn what Samsung will deliver for the Galaxy S5! The next Galaxy S release is a bigger event than that of the iPhone and that’s principally due to a number of factors:

1. Design. What will the Galaxy S5 look like?
2. The tech! What will the S5 feature that no other premium handset features?
3. How will Samsung introduce this new model or models?

At the moment it seems as though Samsung is the main competitive force against Apple. The iPhone is strange device in that it’s not as inventive as it was when it first came out but it is still big in America! And in the ongoing Patent Wars, Apple was slammed by the judge for using nationalism to sway the jury! I think that pretty much sums up the reason behind the iPhone’s popularity in the States!

However, in Europe the Android handset is king and it appears that Samsung is king! I know I have said it before, but it is amazing to see that Samsung handsets have taken over the iPhone on London streets! Once upon a time all you could see on the streets of London was a sea of iPhones! Today is a totally different thing! Today you will see just about every model that Samsung has to offer! What is surprising is that many Galaxy Note users are women! Talk about size matters!

Apple has been trying to make an ad campaign against the bigger Android device but it has not escaped my notice that those smug ads about the iPhone “hand science” ideal have been phased out! The reason for the phasing out of the “hand science” ads is, no, not only are the ads inaccurate, it’s because Apple want a slice of the phablet market too! The rumour is that Apple will release the iPhone 6 in two sizes and one of them is reported to be 6”! This I have gotta see! Should Apple go against their own “hand science” I would wanna see the promotional videos that will accompany it! Lol!

By the latest “leaks” it seems as though that there will be two initial releases of the Galaxy S5: standard and prime! What’s funny is that when I was seeing conflicting specs i.e. QHD screen or 1080p screen I immediately thought, “Could this be the Galaxy S5 and the S5 Zoom?”

I don’t think that Samsung will make a “prime” and standard. Why? I have it mind that Samsung, pissed off with Apple’s whining, have decided to up the ante and make the QHD 560dpi screen the new standard in a premium handset screen! I don’t think Samsung would risk releasing two versions of the same handset as it will detract from the main Galaxy S5. Maybe, just maybe the 1080p screen will feature on the GS5 Zoom and what will be the GS5 mini that I suspect will be the same size as the GS3!

Although the Galaxy S4 Zoom was a brilliant combination of camera and phone but the feeling was that the screen could have been of a higher resolution! And that’s the reason why I think that the 1080p resolution will be the standard of the Galaxy S5 offshoots!

Motorola have proven that a powerful budget handset is possible and therefore it has changed the market. Motorola has raised the bar and Samsung is going limit its phone production as a result where budget handset is concerned.

So far the size of the phone is 5.25” which is in keeping with current rumours.

I get the feeling that the frame will be metal – probably aluminium. And the back will be polycarbonate in the faux leather style that debuted on the Galaxy Note 3 that has found its way onto the Galaxy S4!

It’s very hard to tell what Samsung will do for the overall design; I would like to think that the main image of the GS5 is it! However, I try not to think about it too much as to avoid disappointment! Well, the GS3 initially was met by disappointment when it was announced in London!

Will it be 20MP or 16MP? One can only hope that the camera will be of a very high quality! I noticed that with the Galaxy Note models the camera has an edge over the GS models! I think it’s the software that makes all the difference.

Fingers crossed that the camera will be decked out for greatness!

From the teaser put out by Samsung themselves I think it is safe to say that the TouchWiz interface is going to look and feel very different than before.

But I wonder if Samsung will go all out on interface “gimmicks” on the GS5... I personally liked Smart Stay, Air View, Smart Scroll, etc. I didn’t and don’t think that they are gimmicks; I think these interactions are great – sure, they need the right conditions to work i.e. lots of light where Smart Pause is concerned but the interactions show that Samsung are thinking out of the box! Plus if you don’t like them you can always turn them off! I do hope that Samsung continues to build upon what they have done with the GS4 and GN3!

Roll on! I can hardly wait for the 24th to come!

What do you reckon?   

Take good care!

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