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Google Project Ara the modular handset... Coming your way... Soon!

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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! How are you? I am feeling a lot better now! I hope you are feeling great!

One of the things I caught while I was resting up was the sale of Motorola to Lenovo! While it came as a surprise it didn’t come as a shock! Why? I am glad you asked...

Didn’t you think it odd that in the launch of the Galaxy S4 - at least I think it was the GS4 - that Samsung didn’t focus on Android? And it was pretty interesting that some of Samsung’s built in apps resembled Google Translate and Google Now. In fact, come to think of it, it was with the launch of the S3 where the relationship between Google and Samsung appeared rocky! I attributed this frostiness to the Apple (throwing their toys out of the pram) lawsuit and that Google’s protective hands were tied and couldn’t do much to defend Samsung.

Now I think that Samsung had reservations over Google acquiring Motorola! How comes? Good question...

That’s how I would describe Motorola’s efforts in the mobile phone steaks! Many folk, including me, wondered why Google – through Motorola – didn’t produce a few premium handsets with some serious hardware! What Motorola called premium the likes of Samsung would call midrange. In some ways Google made a little rod for its back with the Motorola hardware; it’s as though the strategy was to never outshine Samsung’s efforts! I wonder how many people took out a Moto X contract over the GS4 and other handsets. I wonder if the Moto G (especially in the UK) prevented the sales of the budget handsets from not only Samsung but LG, HTC, etc.

Now that the brand that is Motorola has been sold to a rapidly rising tech house that is Lenovo. At last the Motorola name can be competitive with the leading manufacturers!


There’s no doubt that Google will explore hardware with the Nexus brand; the Nexus concept allows for Google to contract manufacturers under the Android umbrella. We’ve seen efforts from Asus, HTC, Samsung and LG in the name of Nexus. I am also inclined to believe that is why we haven’t yet seen the Nexus 10 2014 – a slight rift between Google and Samsung. However, the word is that Google and Samsung have sorted their differences which could see them working on future Nexus devices.

I feel that Google can now concentrate fully upon Android, wearable tech, TV and other home devices... The one thing that I am curious about is when the building block handset will come to fruition and how will that impact on the competing Android manufacturers?

Is it possible that the healing between Google and Samsung has delayed the release of the Tizen handset? Hmmmm... I wonder... Introducing yet another mobile OS when Android is paying for the bacon is pretty much like Google buying Motorola for the production of hardware!

Anyway, let’s not forget that Google only sold the brand name that is Motorola. Google still retains the patents and research labs! If you are thinking that Google sold Motorola at a loss then I think you are very wrong because having a escalating tech company that will deliver handsets to other markets carrying the Android operating system will see Google reaping the rewards in terms of sales on Google Play!

No doubt Google have a plan... There’s the rest of world to conquer!

What do you reckon?   

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