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When I first wrote the article on Phonebloks which became Project Ara (apparently Google Motorola back then had this building block approach to handsets in their sights already) somebody commented that it can’t be done. I laughed out loud and replied, “Nothing is impossible...”

The idea is so brilliant! Just like we are able to put together our own PC configurations we’ll soon be able to build our own Android handsets to our preferences! Goody!

A functioning prototype should be ready within a few weeks and it could be commercially available early next year! Or perhaps – with a bit of luck – it could be ready as early as the fall this year! Either way this is very, very exciting! And I am sure that other manufacturers will follow suit! Better still... Imagine a scenario whereby you can purchase component blocks from Samsung, LG, HTC, Asus, etc. I wonder if a swivel camera, as found on the Oppo N1, will be possible... Just for the fun of it, would it be possible to add 3 camera modules on it!

In terms of RAM and storage capacity Project Ara could bring down the cost of RAM and storage options down dramatically! Items such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE could be put in a cost effective context too!

I believe that there will be 3 base endoskeleton sizes: mini, medium and jumbo! I would go for the jumbo model! I just love these massive handsets! Why not stretch to tablets too! I am pretty sure that the project will extend to tablets too! It would be fantastic to be able to build our own tablets! If you look at how Apple sells its iPad the LTE model costs considerably more than the Wi-Fi version - £130 more! It’s a rip off! Now imagine having thousands upon thousands of the LTE component there for the taking at a decent price, say £30! I am hoping so much that this will be possible!

Project Ara will give us so much freedom! Freedom to choose our own network and moreover, we’d be able to get the very latest Android operating system! I can’t wait! Bring it on! Hey! I just had another thought! When 3D printers become a household option we can print some of the Ara body parts! But I envisage a situation whereby we take our designs to a print bureau with a commercial 3D output facility! Cool!

For the Project Ara initiative, Google has partnered with NK Labs to do the electrical, mechanical, and software engineering and with 3D Systems to make a high-speed 3D printer to mass produce the Ara endoskeletons.

Oh, let's have some massive battery options! 

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