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It seems that September 12 is the date that the Apple Circus comes to Tech-Town with their Amazing iPhone Bamboozle – the bearded lady wears an obvious clip-on beard! But the crowd doesn’t want to see the cheap disguise – they’ve come to see the Wizard of Odd, Tim Crook does his crap impersonation of Jobs!

“We give you the best and original smartphone… …the fifth generation iPhone – complete with iOS 6, the best operating system (as much as we could get away with stealing from Android) in the world!”

And the crowd goes wild… Big cheers! Here come the PowerPoint inspired presentation and then comes the cheap jibes at the expense of the competitors – mainly Android! No doubt that Crooks will find a way to sneak in that Samsung got a good spanking for stealing from the best, the original, the greatest… Did you climax? Talk about dry humping! Apple knows that the fight is far from over! Apple also knows that the iPhone can’t compete! I mean… If the iPhone is so original then why not keep the screen the same size? Why follow the Android trend? Why go 4G LTE if it’s doing fine as it is? Wouldn’t that be jumping on the Android bandwagon?

The truth is that Apple has no vision when it comes to smartphone design. I laughed my head off when I saw the sheeple queuing up for the 4S(h!t)! And no doubt I will be laughing at the sheeple again! These are the sheeple that quotes from the Apple bible that Apple themselves don’t believe in otherwise they wouldn’t try and litigate the competition to make way for the new bedazzlement that is pretty much inferior to the SIII, One X, Note II and goodness knows what will be revealed by Google Motorola and Samsung’s new Nexus handset!


It’s only when the Apple Circus leaves town is when some of the devoted will wake up out of their stupor and realize that the iPhone 5 isn’t what they were expecting or even wanted! They’ll be the ones who’ll be looking over the shoulder of the above 4.5” screen users and wonder why they committed themselves to yet another long term contract with the iPhone!

I guess there are people who want to be entertained and people who want to use the best that technology has to offer! You’ve only got to use your retina’s to see through the big smokescreen that Apple is blowing out of its rotten core!

I hope their iPad Mini will circumvent the full blown over expensive piece of techno-junk that is the iPad! Don’t get me wrong, the iPad is a good idea but it is way too expensive for what it is – especially if you’re gonna trade it in each year! The manufacturer that puts together a tablet with at least a two year life-span is the manufacturer with a hit tablet on their hands! Mind you with the Nexus 7 tablet I can see that the next Android version, Key Lime Pie 5, could extend the tablet for a clean two years as the hardware is pretty tasty for the price!

I’ve gotta say that I still use my Galaxy S – albeit rooted with the Cyanogenmod 9 Ice Cream Sandwich! It’s still a beautiful phone! To me, Apple makes disposable products. Ok, I’ll give you that Android has failed in the past to deliver for tablets (all those Tabs gone to waste) but they seem to be making up for lost time! From what I can see, the Galaxy Note 10.1 is more desirable than the iPad – it seems to have more functionality via the operating system and TouchWiz than anything that I have seen with the iPad. Granted that the iPad has, for now, greater apps! However, I still have a couple of decent desktops that I can’t see being replaced by a tablet! I guess when you look at the hardware the iPad is hard to beat. But Apple makes my choice easy because I just don’t like their ethics! I am conscious of what I am buying into and the Apple ethos of “By any means necessary…” to disrupt the competition is not what I want to invest in. As the Dragon’s (Dragon’s Den) say, “I’m out. I like your product, but I don’t like you. Therefore, I won’t be investing in you.”

But for all intents and purposes the iPhone 5 won’t be alive; can’t be resuscitated with Apple’s jive!

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