Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Hey, good news for all you MAC folk out there! Well, good news if you are looking for a way to get into animation without the costs normally associated with the heady world of animation software!

Ground making software house, RealLusion, has released CrazyTalk 7! Do you know CrazyTalk? You should! It has been a great success on the PC! It can turn a 2D picture of a face and animate it in sync with recorded speech to a unnerving accuracy!

Here’s a press release…

RealLusion, the award-winning leader of 3D and 2D Cinematic tools, introduces CrazyTalk7 as the new and innovative digital media application for the Mac. No matter if you are an iMovie user or a seasoned filmmaker, whatever your level you can now create talking character videos from any digital photograph. Wow! Bring any face to life with CrazyTalk7’s simple face-fitting guide, and then use your own voice or prerecorded to puppet your actor’s performance. You’d think that a software offering this level of sophistication would be difficult… Think again!

Auto-animation in CrazyTalk7 is an innovative, time-saving feature that helps you create life-like animations in a matter of minutes. The ability to animate characters with any voice or text-to-speech engine, allows any user to quickly create animated shorts, video hosts, cartoon characters and more.  CrazyTalk7 is unlimited in what you can bring to life. Choose a photo or illustration, fit the facial features, add audio to generate animations, and see your characters perform in real-time.  Save movies for editing in iMovie, or directly upload them to YouTube.  CrazyTalk7 positions itself as an essential, quick animation tool in any artist’s toolbox! CrazyTalk 7 is vital! Believe! 

No, don’t believe… You need to try it!

CrazyTalk7 Mac is available in the Apple App Store for GBP29.90.

Review coming soon... Standby...

In the meantime please read Synapse Circuit Tech Review Magazine!


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