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As I write the iPhone 5 is about to make its debut! I have to say that this unveil doesn’t feel right. A couple of years ago Apple reveals would have this tremendous build-up and I am not feeling that today! Sure, as a tech-writer I am curious. As consumer I can’t say that Apple has appealed to me other than with the iPad! But that iPad thrill has gone…

The media usual suspects don’t seem able to drum up the excitement that they used to push up into people whether they like the iPhone or not! There’s always a chance that the uninitiated to the smartphone that the iPhone can become lucrative or that disenfranchised Android users would jump ship! This year the excitement and anticipation has flat lined.

I would imagine it is because of all the bad publicity surrounding the Tech Litigation Wars – it sounds like a William Shatner project of a similar name: Tek Wars. Yes, Apple – in the eyes of many – came off worse! Even Apple fans have expressed their discontent with the tech-giant inability to take a bit of competition!

Of course, Apple winning the first round of the battle showed Cook to be an ungracious winner! Don’t they know that everybody can’t stand such ungracious smugness? You can’t call Samsung / JK Shin a “thief”! That thought / sentiment should have never been uttered no matter how much the euphoria seeps into the brain! Is Apple that stupid? It just leaves true tech-fans feeling depressed… Yes, depressed!

Tech has always been about taking a concept and pushing the envelope further! But here, it is moral decency that has been pushed! We just don’t like it!

Since the iPhone and iPad launch I started to dislike Steve Jobs because I could see in him that he just wanted to be the star attraction – even to the point where the Apple designer got left in the dark! See? I can’t remember his name! I know he got knighted! But I cannot for the life of me remember his name! I can see him now, the Apple designer in the dark, with barrels of gun powder at the Apple headquarters… Steve Jobs and his wonderful (re)inventions! WOW! A Tony Stark of our times! “Samsung! HTC! How dare you steal my thunder! I am going to go Intergalactic War on your asses!”

In my mind that is not how a “genius” should be remembered. I am sorry, but when you think of Steve Jobs the word – and I am sorry for sensitive people – but the word “asshole” comes to mind. That’s terrible! You can’t have someone who rocked the world with the iPod, phone and pad remembered like that! I was hoping that Tim Cook would steer Apple away from that petulance that has robbed Jobs of his potential to be remembered in a high degree of positive light! I have shown you that Microsoft had already had a tablet PC but scrapped it; the idea for the tablet came from a company called Knight-Ridder – not Rider as I misread! Hee hee… HTC had already come up with a touchscreen handset, so there was no need to try and portray himself as THE INVENTOR! The man was so destructive that he effectively killed his own legacy! Jeez, what an a------!

Oooh, that was an unintentional pun that works quite well… Could it be by design that Cook and the Apple PR machine have created an anti-campaign? I think that is easier to imagine that than some bizarre conspiracies floating around the Net like a bad smell… But I can see why Apple would want to create an anti-campaign to de-market their behind the times iPhone 5 – if it does have a 4” screen and that iOS 6 mimics Android’s best efforts! I also think that Cook initiated the talks with Google’s CEO Larry Page to find out if Google are going to come after him and Apple for the iOS 6 infringements! I know that Apple have settled with Google for the use of their patents in Germany! The Apple Fanboy and girl press have painted a picture that it is Larry Page that has initiated the settlement secret talks because Samsung got taken down a peg!

However, according to Larry Page, Samsung got hit hard for things outside of Android – mostly! I think that Google have been busy putting a case together against Apple that could possibly cripple them!

But in any event, if the iPhone 5 turns out to be less than spectacular then I do see that this Tech Litigation drama being played out to not only disguise Apple’s failings in innovation but to look hard done by, “Oh, poor us… …the competition has stolen from us and we, at the moment, can’t deliver anything better because the competition is making us sad…” Then next year – I would imagine after the Tech Litigation Wars is over – Apple will come back triumphant! Ta daa! “We spent some of our billions on antidepressants and now we have come up with the Galaxy SIII and Note II killer…”

Could it be possible that Apple wants Samsung and HTC to take their – possibly underwhelming phone off the market with a joint litigation over Samsung’s and HTC’s 4G LTE patents that they hold? If Samsung and HTC manage that the iPhone fans will be able to boo and hiss! Yes, the sympathy will fall back to Apple! Yay! Then they can scrap the iPhone 5 for a better product that is in keeping with the innovations that Android, Samsung, HTC and others have brought to the table!

Hmmm, I wonder… I don’t think it’s farfetched! You have to remember that marketing is half drama and half fact! It’s us that add the emotional attachments to things! And who would want to be attached to a duff, behind the times technology? Actually, you’d be surprised… There are so many people walking around with yesteryear’s candybar mobile!

I do believe that it will be the iPods that will steal the show! And possibly the iPad Mini which I feel would be a mad thing to do because there’s a good chance that the iPad Mini will kill off the desire for the iPad. People will clock that they are paying over the odds for the iPad and opt for the mini version to save money because they know they are going to junk it next year! Bizarre!

The (Apple biased) tech media say that the iPad Mini will kill off the Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablets and the Nexus will be nowhere to be seen because of it! I don’t know… Again, the Tech Litigation Wars have polarized consumers where they feel they must choose a side!

Yeah, I have chosen Android! Even though the iPad is the best tablet in the world I have chosen the Android tablet over it! Obviously, I don’t do that to spite my face; no, I do it because I am not happy with what Apple are about at the moment and what the iPad can do I can still do on my PC! I would prefer to have a 7” tablet for the usual that I can already to on my Galaxy S and SII (soon to be SIII and Note II – this could change… LG is gonna come up with stuff… Ooooh…) which is to surf the Net and keep my social network going! I don’t want to pay over £250 at the most for a tablet because it’s just not worth it!

At the beginning of the year I went to a tech convention and I heard someone on a stand declare the iPad to be “…an expensive piece of techno-junk!” That’s coming from a guy that is at a tech convention!

If I were Apple I would not release the iPad Mini! I could be wrong… I know for myself that I will have an Android 7” tablet by Christmas!

In closing… I would like to see an end to these Tech Litigation Wars. It’s just not good for morale. We’re already in a depression financially, no need to make it worse! People are still looking forward to getting their upgrades despite it all!

Thank you so much for reading!

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Let me leave you with a reminder of what Android can do and why Apple don't go for Google outright... Take it away, Armando...

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