Wednesday, 12 September 2012


It’s official: the iPhone 5 is not as good as it should have been and, as predicted, it wasn’t the star of the show!

I knew what was going to happen and it did! I am a little surprised to be honest… I was expecting Apple to be sneaky and release an iPhone with a screen bigger than 4”! But a 4” screen is what Apple has delivered. And to be honest, iOS 6 looks like Android!

I think that iOS 6 looks remarkably like Android Jelly Bean 4.1 in terms of Google Now vs. Siri that has included sports results and businesses in the UK (that’s where I am from) can be searched finally! I think those who have the 4S should be allowed to upgrade with no upfront costs because Siri did not function as advertised! ‘Sequenced shortened…’ does not explain why Siri was not able to work as advertised in the UK!

I can see that iPhone 5 has many similarities with Android and Samsung SIII! The notifications functions in a similar manner but looks different – not enough to hide that it’s Android inspired. The way the camera functions look way too similar to Jelly Bean and the SIII!

Now we’ll have to see if Samsung and HTC deliver on their promise to take the iPhone 5 off the market regarding their 4G LTE patents!

There’s no NFC on the iPhone 5 too!

Apple did its best to cloud up the weak iPhone 5 with all the litigation and dodgy smear campaigns. Once Jelly Bean Android 4.1 hits the Galaxy SIII it will leap even further above the iPhone 5!

The Galaxy Note II just blows the iPhone 5 right up!

The design of the iPhone 5 is a flop! It just looks like a slightly bigger 4S because that’s exactly what it is!

Here's some spec:

Screen: 4" 1960 x 640 pixels 326 PPI Retina
CPU: Apple A6 Quad-core 1GHz (speculative)
Camera: 8MP Video 1080p HD

The above spec isn't bad at all, but hardly competitive in today's marketplace! 

I was pretty close with my prediction in my earlier blog: Sept 12: 5 Conspiracy
The only thing that I wasn’t right about is the launch of the iPad Mini! Apple pushed the iPod Touch, iTunes and Nano over the iPhone 5 as it wasn’t a strong product and that there are too many similarities with Android in iOS 6. It tried to be the Galaxy SIII and fell short!

Apple tried so hard to get Samsung handsets banned in order to make way for the iPhone 5 and it didn’t happen – for now! I just hope Samsung will be ready to continue the battle later on this year!

All said above, the iPhone 5 will shift units amongst its hardcore fan base and even then I can see current 4S users expressing disappointment up on Facebook!

I think for the first time, Apple has a dud on its hands. The Galaxy Note II is coming in October with Jelly Bean Android 4.1, Motorola’s Droid RAZR family are getting Jelly Bean soon! LG are looking to release a major handset with what is said to be the best camera on any handset, sporting 13MP and full HD recording! I am sure that come December there will be a whole lot more Android and Windows handsets that will knock the sales potential of iPhone 5 even further! There’s Acer, Panasonic, Sharp, and many others! Bring it on!

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