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Dear Readers,

I know that I must come across as a hater of Apple and the iPhone. I am not! I just don’t understand the way in which they sell it; I’ve already exposed Tim Cook as a liar and confidence trickster. Don’t they understand that the world can see through the lies? The WebNet allows us to look things up – do some fact finding! So, I just don’t get where Apple are coming from? They call Samsung “thieves” as if to say that being a liar is better!

It’s important to back up what I say, so here’s some proof!

There’s this technology show aimed at us Techy Fans that airs in the UK that I used to watch without fail! But as time wore on it didn’t take me long to see that they were delivering a subliminal message to their audience: Buy the iPhone! Sure, they would review other smartphones, but at the end of their whacky tests the message was: Buy the iPhone! Because I know a little about technology the subliminal message – buy the iPhone – didn’t work on me. But it worked on the majority of people. By the end of the show people would be transfixed upon the iPhone.

“Hi! Phone me when you get this subliminal message…”

“I’ve just passed my exam! I’m so happy! I’m so high! Phone granddad and tell him the good news…”

I won’t mess with your beautiful mind anymore… But occasionally I would meet people who think they come from another galaxy! Strange, but 3 people out of 5 believe they come from another galaxy, space and time. Yes, it’s harder for Samsung to do subliminal messages, so they just have to come up with a great phone in the first place!

An apple dropped on Newton’s head and then he could see the galaxy… Alright, alright… Ha ha!

Let’s be analytical…

What does the headline say? It says, sorry… I know you can read! But just indulge me… Thank you!

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2: iPhone 5 killer incoming?

So, what am I supposed to glean from that? Ah, there’s nothing from Samsung on the market that can beat the latest iPhone? Is it supposed to get me excited about the possibility of yet another Samsung handset?

Take all the emotional sentimentality out the equation when comparing the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy SIII. Look at them strictly from technical standpoint. The iPhone 5 is already dead with such an ill-conceived screen and resolution. Sorry, what was the processor? A6! But what is it? Dual-core? Quad-core? Who cares because the iPhone 5 is dead! Practically all the Android handsets coming this year and the next are going to bury it further and further under!

Hang on… I’ve received a text message…

“Would you like to go urban camping for a few nights outside a well known store in Central London? £200 per day…”

Don’t believe the hype! You can’t kill what’s already dead! You can bury it though!
Quick before it stinks up the place!

Thank you so much for reading!

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Best wishes!

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