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When I saw the ad yesterday I had to laugh! When I saw some of the tech-media reactions to the ad I laughed even more! Why? Ok, I will divulge…

Again, I have to question the tech-media who say that Samsung got thrashed in court recently to the tune of over $1 billion. It has become clear that there were anomalies during the trial and that the fight is definitely still on! Samsung will appeal! Even co-Apple founder Steve (Good Steve) Wozniak thinks that the unjust ruling will not stick! It shouldn’t! But you can tell where such media get their advertising revenue from! Hee hee hee… What purpose does it serve to write crap like that? Does it serve the writer? No, because it shows that it is not unbiased journalism we’re dealing with here and his / her standards are very, very low and should not be taken seriously.

It shows that some tech-media are influencing their audience in a certain direction. Does such bad journalism serve the medium, be it a periodical, TV show or online media? Only where revenue is concerned! So, the corrupt tech-media gains at the expense of the audience: YOU & Me!

Be very ashamed you bad mediums / journalists (sic). Me? I am not trying to sell you anything! All I can do is just let you know what I think of the products I review. I try to give you the pros and the cons as much as I can. I weigh ‘em up for myself and that I would have given you enough information so that you can weigh the pros and cons for yourself!


I am beginning to think that the iPhone “fanatic” is a media invention! I am convinced that Apple hires people to sit outside their stores for the love of being able to say that they were the chosen few! The minds of people can be a strange place to visit and certainly a great source of exploitation! If you watch it on the news you’ll think it’s real and you could follow suit! But I wouldn’t put it past Apple to hire folk to sit outside their stores; if you have been following my blogs you’d see just how much crap ‘n’ lies that go into an Apple keynote presentation.

Am I the only one to have noticed that there is a disparity between surveys on the iPhone 5 (whether you’ll buy it or not), comments on Facebook (not that you can rely 100% on Facebook comments) and overall responses by the people (presumably unhappy iPhone 4S users) and reports to say that the iPhone 5 has broken another record in sales? That’s what they said about the 4S!

The phenomena reminds me of the media invented “Road Rage” that caused a viral outbreak of violence amongst motorists! Once people cottoned on to the fact that the media term was changing the behavior of motorists the term was dropped from the headlines and the bad – often violent – behavior of motorists subsided! I think it is exactly the same thing going on with the “reporting” of iPhone sales! If a majority of the media says it is true then it must be!

Take a look at the survey conducted by a popular online tech-magazine (see results below), shouldn’t the “Definitely! Faster, bigger, yum!” yield a higher percentage than 32%? I would imagine record sales must show at least 70 to 80%! Bear in mind that the results are post-iPhone 5 keynote. We’re living in a post iPhone 5 world! It is phenomenal! Ha ha!

I guess you wanna know…

I feel that Samsung would not have felt the need to create such an ad if the tech-media and the media at large would actually do their job! Again, for the umpteenth time, a majority of the tech-media will not say outright that the iPhone 5 is a piece of crap! Why am I so harsh?

Once again, just so you understand… I am a tech-fan! If the iPhone 5 was the marvel of the mobile world I would be the first to say so. But it is not. The 4” screen is stupid. The new connector and cable will render other accessories useless or there’ll be recourse to an adapter solution that will cost the user. Let’s look at the actual design (again); can you call an elongation of the 4S a “design”? Ok, you may not like the Galaxy SIII design (I didn’t at first and now I love it!) but Samsung has shown progression in the design of the Galaxy S model and it is no wonder that it is selling well! You cannot in your right lucid mind say that the iPhone 5 is a progression in the design – NO FREAKING WAY!!!!! It would have been better for Apple to have left the screen at its original 3.5” than to deliver something that is not in the HD resolution range. But you know this already… Let me find something new to say – that’s what you’re paying me for, right?

Ok, let’s look at the iPhone ‘Passbook’ feature… It looks good, but when you purchase a ticket for travel, theatre, etc you get an email! Every smartphone can receive email and therefore the barcode of the ticket sent by email can be scanned easily! The ‘Passbook’ feature is just something that looks nice, but not necessary! It’s a waste!

There’s no NFC. A “fanboy” reply to the Samsung ad says that email can take its place, but I would like to see someone send a 1GB email!

The iPhone still won’t let its users extend the memory via a microSD card or any other card. Maybe Apple is going to create its very own removable memory in the not too distant future. We’ve got thunder; they have given us lightning so their (possible) removable storage will be called ‘rain’?

Siri seems about the only real improvement in the iPhone and iOS 6; it is more in keeping with Google Now that was released with Android Jelly Bean 4.1. Is Siri better than Samsung’s S Voice? If you want to talk to your phone like Michael Knight does to his legendary car, Kit, then yes. If you want to launch an app, add alarms, get weather information, etc then S Voice is just as good. Ultimately, when the Galaxy SIII receives the Android Jelly Bean upgrade it will have Google Now which is better than Siri! I am sure that Android 5 is on its way and that can boost the power of the SIII even more!

You will not get any sense out of a hardcore Apple / iPhone fan boy or girl; it’s just the way they are and I do not think that Samsung was aiming at such blinkered people! C’mon, think about it… Samsung are intelligent to come up with an amazing handset or handsets when you take their top of the range into account: Galaxy Beam and Note II – things that Apple couldn’t conceive because they wait to capitalize on the ideas of others! They don’t have original ideas for themselves. Are you telling me that Samsung aimed that ad at iPhone fanatics? NO!!!! It’s aimed at the so called tech-media who can’t tell the truth for fear of losing ad revenue! They skirt around the issue, but they don’t get right on it! 

Samsung’s ad shows that Apple can’t design and what they call “innovation” is just hype! Passbook is just hype for the reasons above! They do not make their own technology; what they do is look at what others are doing i.e. Google and Samsung and buy up similar technologies of others and call it their own. Siri is not an Apple technology and Google / Samsung featured Voice Command & Search before the 4S. The maps that they use are not theirs! It’s only right that Samsung should address the media’s inability to do their jobs without bias. It’s like, “Yes, the Samsung Galaxy SIII is a great phone, but the iPhone 5 is what people love and will always love until the end of time…” Yeah, right! That’s horsepoop!

iPhone 4S users – the ones who fell for the hype last year – not the fanatics are looking at the Galaxy SIII and Note I & II and ask, “Why can’t Apple do that?”

The answer is: Apple can’t otherwise they would have done it already! It doesn’t take a genius to work that one out!

Thank you so much for reading!

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