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So far we have seen how far Apple will go to destroy the competition:

Buy up questionable patents such as swipe to unlock.
Litigate the competition with those dodgy patents.
Openly deride the competition – especially at product launches (then modify their products such as a 4” screen iPhone).
Leak disinformation about competitive products in the form of biased reviews. Ok, that one I can’t prove but I see the patterns. Samsung releases a tablet and certain “tech” media say it’s not up to much. Well, when I test Samsung stuff I am very happy with it!

Lately there have been several reports to say that the most powerful Tech CEOs in the world, Tim Cook and Larry Page are having secret conversations in a bid to end the Patent Wars (that Apple started in the first place). Hmmm, that’s odd… Apple is known for their grandstanding… Why the secret talks? Why isn’t Apple coming out for Google with all guns blazing? Surely, the biggest, the most original, don’t say MP3 player say iPod, most advanced smartphone in the world corporation should have Google’s head on the chopping block by now, no?

The truth is that Cook must be pooping his pants ever since Jelly Bean dropped! Cook knows that compared to the forthcoming iOS6 Android is far more advanced. In fact there are features of iOS that Google can possibly sue for i.e. Siri (Android had Voice Command before Siri), advanced notifications, Facebook integration and probably a whole lot more! iOS6 wishes it were Android (from Froyo upwards). iPhone 5 wishes it was Galaxy SIII, Droid RAZR HD, One X ad infinitum! Needless to say that there are so many fantastic Android handsets out there – for every pocket!

Cook / Apple must know by now that it can’t sue every Android manufacturer and not suffer. Look at what it has done, inadvertently, for Samsung Galaxy SIII – it has sold over 20 million within 100 days of its release! Now it’s outselling the iPhone 4S. Sales (of the SIII) are still going strong! However, this could very well be that Apple die-hards are holding out for the iPhone 5! Once the iPhone 5 is available sales could overtake the Galaxy SIII! Maybe, just maybe the iPhone 5 will misfire! For the first time it looks as though the iPhone has too many serious competitors to contend with this year! I predict that initially the fifth generation iPhone will go up in flames for the first few days and the sales will trail off! I can see people gravitating more towards Android phones with the bigger screens! Again, with Samsung there is the Galaxy Note II that looks set to rock the phablet world once more! Galaxy Note II sales could take over iPhone 5!

The secret talks must go something like this:

Cook: Larry, buddy! You’re not going to sue us are you?

Page: Well, the iOS6 does look an awful lot like Android.

Cook: But, but… …surely there are commonalities that mobile devices all share?

Page: Not according to you!

Cook: Yeah, I know… Sorry about that… I had specific instructions from Jobs to push the button on the thermonuclear missile…

Page: Jobs also said that he didn’t want a 7” tablet.

Cook: It’s more like 7.9”!

Page: Still, it could encroach upon our Nexus 7! Why isn’t it enough that you have the market share with the iPad?

Cook: It’s what the shareholders want! They want Apple to dominate the world with its superior products.

Page: Then why are you copying Android’s lead?

Cook: We have to give the public what they want which is larger screens like Android phones!

Page: What did you say?

Cook: Ahem, yes… Apple patented designs for a larger screen a couple years ago!

Page: C’mon, Tim… Cut the bull!

Cook: Yeah, you’re right. We just didn’t think about a screen larger than 3.5”. But had someone had the idea for a large screen phone 10 or 20 years ago we would have patented it!

Page: Well, it’s a good thing that nobody did have the idea for large screens! You watch too much Star Trek!

Cook: Yeah, I’m a Star Trek geek… You’ve got me…

Page: Be that as it may there’s the matter of the following that you owe us for: Siri, push email notifications, media playback on phones, and location-based reminders... I’ve got a list…

Cook: Ok, ok… We’ll come to some arrangement – only if you promise not to sue when we release the fifth generation iPhone!

Page: Make a sensible offer and we’ll see what we can do!

Cook: I don’t suppose you can talk to Samsung, could ya?

Page: Oh, I don’t know about that! I think you’ve burned your bridges there calling them a thief ‘n’ all – especially when there’s evidence that shows you got the design for the iPhone from Sony! Not forgetting that you haven’t settled with them for their patents in your iPhones and iPads! Samsung are pissed!

Cook: Look, if you don’t get Samsung to back off we’ll spread the word that you’re gay and pick up men in public toilets!

Page: See you in court, Cook! Goodbye!

Typically, the press have made more of the billion dollar suit that Apple has been granted over Samsung. But the reality is that the fight isn’t over! As I’ve pointed out, Apple does owe Samsung for their patented technologies in the iPhone and iPad.

Should the verdict be overturned it will be Apple that will come out worse off to add to their woes! Their reputation will be further ripped to shreds. Tim Cook and Apple are definitely not sitting pretty! Cook knows that their victory could very be short-lived!

It has already come to light that there are inconsistencies with trial: The jury ignored key instructions, failed to complete a crucial checklist, made egregious errors on the final verdict form and reached a verdict after 21 hours of deliberations. The foreman misunderstood one of the concepts fundamental to the case - prior art - leading the jury astray. Then there is Judge Koh, who prevented Samsung from presenting key evidence or witnesses that could have made its defense and case against Apple more credible – if not exonerate them completely!

That was a mistrial and Apple knows it! I hope they get what’s coming to them and it’s not a billion from Samsung!

Thank you so much for reading!

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