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It really saddens me to see Apple going out of their way to inflict damage on Samsung and other competitors…

…I think that Apple are really feeling the pressure of not being able to actually design and develop original technology! Anyone would think that Apple are claiming for huge technological infringements, but it seems to me that what they are litigating over is interaction gestures i.e. rubberband bounce back and said design copying! Really? C’mon! Let’s have a deeper look into the situation! Are you sitting comfortably? Got some coffee or tea? Ok, good…

Again, without any emotional attachments to either Apple or Samsung, let’s have a look at what they have produced…

As technological fans will know and appreciate, Apple certainly caught the world’s attention with the first iPhone in 2007! The iPhone was polished and it looked good. So, why didn’t I get one being a technology fan? I have said it many times that the reason why I did not go for the iPhone was because I could not understand Steve Jobs’ stance to place a ban on Adobe Flash other than to circumvent Adobe having another revenue stream out of selling to iPhone users through Adobe Flash based apps. Many people are unaware that Flash is a diverse multimedia platform. My stance is: Let the customer decide! What did I do? I got myself an HTC Hero as it supported Flash!

Samsung released their Galaxy S in 2010 and when I reviewed it I was thrilled with its performance and Flash compatibility! The websites that I created using Flash content posed no problem whatsoever! Furthermore the Galaxy S has a 4” screen! To me the Galaxy S was superior to the iPhone second generation which looked pretty much the same as the first generation.

What blinded people to the power of the Galaxy S was the release of the first generation iPad in 2010! People thought that Apple had come from the future to the past with some technological goods for the benefit of mankind! I do think that Apple is great at manipulating people through advertising and being less than honest in their keynote press delivery! To be honest with you, I am surprised that Apple has not been sued for disinformation to the public… We may get to this later…

As with any technological movement, Samsung and others went into a race to develop a viable tablet. I did like Samsung’s 7” Tab as it was portable and enabled me to be online. I wasn’t too interested into productivity because I tend to find that the desktop PC enables me to do all that I want to do! Of course, Jobs didn’t see it that way and constantly bashed the notion of 7” tablets saying that Apple would never do a 7” iPad – as you know there are talks of the iPad Mini which is due, if the rumour is correct, in October of this year!

The tech-media headlines were easy – too easy: Is Blah Blah the iPhone Killer? Why the iPad is the Best Tablet in the World!

Cheap headlines that the tech-media should be embarrassed by! Of course, they are not embarrassed! They are enjoying the pay off!

Truthfully, the Galaxy S was and still is the original iPhone killer!

When the Galaxy SII was released in 2011 it really silenced the biased tech-media! Gone were the ‘iPhone Killer’ headlines because the SII just blew the iPhone away with an even bigger and better screen! It has a dual-core processor that really shifts! Certainly in the UK the Galaxy SII has been and continues to be one of the best selling phones to date! It still retains a high value!

What was also important about the Galaxy SII was the design; it was far from the SI! And more importantly, it was far from the iPhone design inspired by Sony! I am still getting a lot of mileage from the SI and SII! These are brilliant handsets! The fourth generation of the iPhone was ok, but the SII was clearly ahead with the nice 4.3” screen! Another thing that was important with the Galaxy S range is that you could update the memory via a microSD slot and the battery is removable. I have a friend with a fourth generation iPhone that runs out of charge very quickly to the point where she has to recharge twice a day! If the battery were removable she could just order a replacement battery! So, I feel that the iPhone is a poor design!

You can now see – if you weren’t able before – that my preference over the iPhone for the Galaxy S range is purely technological! Samsung uses the same charger connection (microUSB)! I have had the SIII delivered to me for review without the charger and I was able to use my own charger which saved the day! Now, that might not seem like much to you, but when you have to shell out extra money for their new ‘lightning’ connector and adapter you’ll feel the charge (pun intended) in your wallet! It’ll shock ya!

Apple’s answer was the fifth generation iPhone; 4S that features Siri. Now this is where we can get into the Apple half-truths! The iPhone 4S was advertised with Siri performing certain functions that has proven to work only in the US!

The iPad 2 came out in 2011 a few months after the 4S and there was much rumour surrounding the iPad 2 that took most people’s minds off the fact that Siri didn’t work as it should have in the UK! There were complaints and consumer watchdog program, Watchdog (BBC) was the first to let the public know that there were problems with the iPhone 4S and that it didn’t work as intended. And the previous iPhone suffered from antenna problems! These are the factors why the SII sold steadily and without generating a great deal of publicity! I think that Samsung’s philosophy is that their handsets should sell themselves and quite right too! Again, the sales people in phone shops tell me that the SII is the biggest seller over the iPhone 4S!

What has extended the power of the SII is Android Ice Cream Sandwich! There’s a lot of power in Android that iOS cannot touch! I find Android so very easy to use! Android works very much like a PC with its menu, home and back buttons! Also it can truly multitask! Press the physical home button on a Galaxy and you can see all the programs that you have open in the background! You can easily close the programs that you are not using!

The Google / Samsung Galaxy Nexus was and still is a great handset thanks to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean! For design and features it knocks iPhone out of the ball park with 4.65” screen is awesome! Last year’s Google Nexus model is better than this year’s iPhone model – easily!

Samsung took a calculated risk with the Galaxy Note! It appears as though someone at Samsung made a note (unintentional) of what was wrong with the 5” Dell Streak and improved upon it! More importantly it gave the 5” form a stylus – S Pen! Now you can tell when Apple is nervous about what the competition is doing because in their keynotes they have to find a way to mock and dismiss it! Jobs’ mocking and dismissal worked with providing the deathblow to Adobe Flash and they can’t make it work against what Samsung are doing… Here’s what Jobs inadvertently said about the stylus – S Pen when talking about interacting with the iPad 2, “We didn’t make a stylus for use with the iPad because you already own the best thing to interact with it… …your finger!” In other words the Galaxy Note was somehow counter-revolutionary – backwards – because the stylus reminds us of the old PDA (personal digital assistant) devices. In other words, Samsung is not an innovator and Apple makes devices you can finger! Great! The Note came out in November 2011!

The Note became a runaway success much against the all hopes that Apple had against it and to the rest of the mobile industry – Android, RIM, Windows, etc. Now Samsung has provided a way forward for other manufacturers to come up with their own 5” phone come tablet = phablet!

I ask you again: Why couldn’t Apple foresee a 5” phone / tablet?

Early this year Samsung released the Galaxy Beam, a 4” Android touch screen device with a built in projector – I have yet to test it! Again, why couldn’t Apple have come up with that?

The SIII was released in May of this year and it was a radical design departure that could have alienated gathering fans! But the Galaxy SIII has become the best selling Galaxy S model and has overtaken the 4S! I think it will continue to sell and better than the iPhone 5 because many iPhone users are outraged at the new socket whereby they have to pay for an adapter so their accessories can remain usable!

It is clear that it is Samsung that is coming up with the innovations and design.

If you have read my review of the iPhone 5 you will know that it is an unmitigated disaster!

Over the coming weeks, months you will read, hear and see so-called reviews that will not tell the public in plain terms that the iPhone 5 is below standard. They make the review so fluffy and so circumspect that you can be forgiven to think that the iPhone 5 is on top of its game. Here’s what to listen out for and true meaning:

“It’s twice as fast.” What they mean by that is that version 5 (which is really 6) is faster than 4S, but it is not as fast as the SIII or other quad-core handsets available. SIII truly shifts!

“Siri is improved…” Well, Siri is still in beta and that Google Now is so much better! They will hardly compare Siri to Google Now because they know that Siri is inferior! Yes, they’ll compare it to S Voice, but S Voice is good for simple commands to interface with the phone and applications. It is not necessarily meant for ascertaining sports results. Google Now and Voice Search are better for such purposes! Google Now and Voice Search is part of Jelly Bean which the SIII will get next month and will extend its usability even more!

“The screen is bigger…” Large screens over 4” is nothing new! Android has been enjoying large screens for around 2 years! Remember that Samsung put out the Galaxy S in 2010 with a 4” screen! It’s taken Apple so long to get to that! iPhone screen is awkward and horrible!

“App developers are working like crazy to develop for the new iPhone 5…” What they mean by this is because the screen is not standard high definition i.e. 1289 x 720 (as found on most high-end Android handsets) and that it is different to previous handsets, app developers have to make all their apps conform to the current resolution: 1136 x 640! Therefore, some of your old apps will have a black border around the edges and it is not a preference. But the way that these so-called reviewers put it you’d think it was a good thing! It is not!

“Because the design is thinner, they’ve had to use the new lightning socket…” If it is not clear, the iPhone user will have to pay for the thinner design due to the new socket! I don’t recall any iPhone user requesting for the design to be thinner! And what “design”? They’ve just made it taller and put the headphone socket at the bottom… Odd!

The one thing that most of the reviewers agree on is that Apple Maps are not yet on par with Google Maps! That will be very obvious to iPhone users who are used to using Google Maps! Of course, in the iPhone 5 keynote, Tim Cook and fellow presenters aren’t telling you that!

“The 4G LTE connection is really fast!” Android handsets in the States have been enjoying 4G LTE data connection for about 2 yrs! When the reviewer sees this on the iPhone it appears to be really fast – because it is! But to Android users that’s par the course! It’s no big deal! But for the iPhone it is!

Nobody, I don’t think, ever points out that you can’t upgrade the memory via a microSD slot on the iPhone!

They make a big deal of Passbook when they know that email provides that only your ticket won’t present itself when you are present in the establishment where the ticket is valid. Passbook makes use of GPS and once you are at, let’s say the airport, and you wish to check in, unlock the iPhone and the ticket is present – all set for you to check in! It’s ok, but no big deal! It is not a life changing innovation! If you want innovation just look to the SIII for the way in which it allows you to do simple things transparently! And look to the forthcoming Galaxy Note II – you want innovation? You have innovation in the Galaxy Note II!

Again, I can only imagine that Apple is paying these reviewers to somehow put the iPhone on top of the heap when it is not the case! I cannot think of one high-end Android phone with worse spec than iPhone 5!

I do apologize for repeating myself, but I just can’t stand that Apple wants to litigate the competition away because they are not able to innovate! If they spent more time on developing the iPhone than on suing manufacturers left, right and centre you would have a better iPhone! I hope Apple loses every litigation trial from here on out! Apple is rotten to the core!

I will do my best to write on other subjects from here on out! I think I have proved my point unequivocally! I rest my case your honour!

Apple cannot win either way! It shows that they can't handle the competition and wants these superior models off the shelves! They tried so hard to make way for the release of iPhone 5 and it didn't work! Suckers!

Don’t believe the hype!  

Thank you so much for reading!

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Best wishes!

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