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After the debacle that was the Apple keynote presentation of the not so anticipated iPhone 5 – amongst other things – I am left wondering if there are some chemicals leaking in the Apple ecosystem… Something in the (Macbook) air???? Are Tim and his pal’s fuddin’ crazy????

I predicted in previous blogs how Apple was going to hype-up the deficient iPhone 5 but it was still a little shocking to see a grown man talk complete and utter crap! LIES!!!!

Today, I looked around for non-Android tech-media / magazines to see if they picked up upon Cook’s glaring inaccuracies… I am happy to say that quite a few respected media brought those inaccuracies up! Well done! Shame on the major UK magazine / television show geared to sell its audience on the iPhone – no matter how crap it is – reporting the 4” screen as “Massive”! Are they freaking serious????

Do you love tech like I do? If you do it doesn’t matter what manufacturer does what just as long as you can use it to your advantage. As much as I have come to appreciate Android, I wouldn’t call myself a “fanboy”. I maintain, if another mobile phone technology came out that had significant advantages over Android I would be a fool not to acquire it!

What does Apple or should I say, Tim Cook has to gain by blatantly lying to the press and to anyone watching the recording of the anti-event? Sales? The iPhone will sell anyway regardless of the lies because it has a fan base. Who would have thought that smartphones would replace the Rockstar???? Anyway, to see a grown man blatantly lie was another sad day for Apple’s diary!

That said I am a fan of Samsung simply because they deliver handsets that I am very happy with! But I do not pledge blind allegiance to Samsung! Show me a better handset manufacturer and the resulting handset is mine! Can I ask you a question? I guess I just did… Can I ask you another question? Oh, oops! I did it again… Are you stupid? Yes, you! Are you stupid? It’s ok - you can be an iPhone fan boy or girl, that doesn’t make you stupid; you like what you like for whatever reason. I don’t think you’re stupid.

But Apple’s Tim Cook thinks you’re an idiot. You do know the difference, right, between stupid and idiot? I am just playing with you! Ha ha!

When Tim Cook claimed yesterday that the iPhone 5 was the “thinnest phone in the world” at 7.6 mm; did he think that you wouldn’t find out the truth – if you didn’t know it already? The Motorola Droid Razr is known for its slim design with thickness at 7.1 mm.
Huawei Ascend P1 S measures a thickness of 6.68 mm. Oppo Finder (from China) measures a thickness of 6.65 mm! What does Cook smoke? If you’re going to present facts to the public then do your research! Yes, it’s the thinnest iPhone ever produced and that’s it! Take your head out of there, Cook! See what’s going on in the world of smartphones!

That’s what Cook may as have said because he’s going on like 4G LTE was something new and that THEY and only THEY will be the first to exploit it! Do you know how long Android has had 4G LTE on its handsets? At least 2 years! Imagine that… …for 2 whole years Android users have been able to enjoy the speeds of 4G! Cook gushes over 4G like he just lost his virginity! Well, I guess it’s true for the iPhone! 

Hey, look at our maps! Isn’t it like Google Maps? Wow! Please…

Of course, the notifications aspect is now just like Android! Nice one… Not!

Hmmm, what else? The camera now does panoramic photos – a feature that has been built into Ice Cream Sandwich! Photos can be taken whilst shooting video – Samsung Galaxy SIII has done it already! Well, at least it’s good news for iPhone fans!

But it’s like Jobs never existed… I have never seen such a useless presentation in all my days of writing about tech! It was pathetic! Unbelievably pathetic!

BREAKING NEWS: Apple has been granted an injunction over the “rubber band” patent over Motorola in a German court. It seems like another nail in the coffin for Android, but it’s another annoyance from Apple that will keep technology fans hating them!

But again, it’s just a smoke screen to take your mind off the fact that the iPhone 5 has derailed after Jobs established it as a worldwide phenomenon. Looking at the various comments that people have left regarding the iPhone 5 I can see that people – including iPhone users – are not impressed.

Yes, Siri now is close to Google Now in that it can give out more information on sporting events and direct you to a restaurant, cinema, etc.

Battery life? Cook talks about 8 hours and Motorola Droid RAZR HD Maxx talks 32 hours! The smallest of the RAZR family, RAZR M says 20 hours! Go figure!

How on Earth can Cook justify the 4” screen with a stupid resolution of 1960 x 640! Now I know their motto has been “Think different…” but that resolution is not on the HD scale! This means that some apps will have a black boarder around it… Talk about fragmentation! That’s the most stupid thing I have ever witnessed… Retina my eye! A perfectly good screen that the Retina is has been ceremoniously dashed!

4.8” screen of the Galaxy SIII hasn’t got such a depth to it that Retina has but it’s enough! I enjoyed reviewing the SIII so very much! The screen was bright enough for me to watch the sumptuous video sample that’s on it and surf the Web! The HTC One X has an even better display than the SIII but at those incredible sizes it doesn’t matter! The SIII and One X have a proper HD resolution screen! 

Have you seen the keynote video? Did you see that a hand and thumb was displayed (on a large screen backdrop) to denote that the iPhone 5 has been designed to fit in the hand? Cue stupid talk about selling you on your own hand, “The hand… the thumb… blah, blah, blah, blah de blah…” Ridiculous! In Cook-talk that means, “We would feel like an ass to go and copy Android screen sizes over 4”. I mean, look at the Galaxy Note that surprisingly sold rather well… It’s too big for the hand… The hand… the thumb… blah, blah, blah, blah de blah… The iPhone 5 was designed to fit into your beautiful hand. You do remarkable things with your hand. Did you know that? Well, your hand is going to love the iPhone 5.”

Cook talks like he invented or reinvented the large screen! What an idiot. I give him this much, he did look uneasy in his delivery. He’s nowhere near as polished as Jobs! Jobs could sell you a piece of dog mess like it was the next best thing! Why, the Galaxy S had a 4” screen when it was launched in 2010!

In the derisive style famous of Jobs, Cook looked comfortable in bashing the competition when it comes to tablet sales! Cue applause! Yeah, well done! Yes, we’re living in a “Post PC world” Jeez, is this guy for real???? What does that mean? Another stupid soundbyte to convince people that Apple are the pinnacle of computing technology! What I can thank Apple for is that through their iPad it has made PCs cheaper! But PCs still sell! Give me £500 and a choice between an iPad and a PC then ask me which I would prefer?

Great, the iPhone has yet another connector in the form of “Lightening”. As if that buzzword is going to disguise the fact that iPhone users will have to purchase more accessories; it’s kind of like having a new puppy! Maybe some people like to spend… But for the people who don’t (like to spend) it’s bad news! Why not use microUSB?

Apple has lost the plot!

I won’t go into detail on the iPod, iTunes and Nano – more crap! More hiding that the iPhone 5 is an epic fail! Normally you’d save the best until last. Even the Foo Fighters couldn’t save it; they looked out of place and to me represent what I hate about iTunes.

It was a mess!

It is no wonder that Apple are wasting no time getting that piece of crap on the market! Maybe that was a bit harsh… Let me find some good things to say about the iPhone… Hmmm…

Yes, I do like the materials it’s made from. I think I said that before… Ummm…

Well, good luck to Apple! I say bring back Good Steve! Yes, Steve Wozniak for Apple CEO! Wozniak has stated that he doesn’t think that the decision against Samsung in California will hold. Too right! Like everyone with a modicum of intelligence they know that what Apple are calling “innovations” are far from it. Wozniak, like me, and hopefully you, just want the Tech Litigation War to be over so that the consumer can enjoy freedom of choice which Apple wants to steal from us!

Another reason for Apple’s rush to get the iPhone 5 to retail faster than people can realize that it is crap is because come November 5 there may be a new Google Nexus handset or handsets! 5 handsets? From 5 different manufacturers? I can see Samsung, HTC, LG, and Motorola… What other manufacturer could be the fifth? Pie in the sky! Just some rumours doing the rounds... But you never know with Google!

I do hope for a new Nexus because around that time my contract expires and I want to be in a position to have a greater choice! At the moment my heart is set on a Galaxy Note II and SIII! Don’t forget that there will be many Android handsets out shortly before Christmas such as the LG Optimus G which boasts a 13MP camera!

Now could it be that Android 5, Key Lime Pie will be announced too?

Thank you so much for reading!

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Best wishes!

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