Tuesday, 11 September 2012


WOW!! I don’t know how I missed this!!!!

It’s a matter of hours before Apple takes up the mantle to show the fifth incarnation of the iPhone and I see the GooPhone from a Chinese based company!

Introducing the GooPhone I5 which runs on an Android platform! Ouch! That has got to sting Apple to see an iPhone look-a-like running Android! Gosh!

Get this… The GooPhone I5 may have an 3.5” display instead of the 4-inch display that is said to be a feature of the soon to be revealed iPhone 5! From the “leaked” pictures of the said iPhone the two handsets look identical! Yikes!

GooPhone is reported to include a quad-core 1.4Ghz processor, 8 mega-pixel camera, high-def screen and desktop theme mimicking the iPhone’s iconic aesthetic. The iPhone-Clone also features a HoneyBee logo on its back panel to suggest that it is possibly running Android Honeycomb (or a version of) and boasts a markedly cheaper price: $300 dollars, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Well, a lot of electronics is cheaper in China!

I don’t think this is a joke… Apparently, China has many cloned products on the market… I would love to go over there and have a look see… It is almost certain that Apple will have another problem to contend with! As you have noticed, the price is considerably cheaper and this could well and truly undercut the real deal if it was to go on sale in China!

You may not believe the following but…GooPhone, the smartphone business of Shenzhen Shenma Lianzhong e-Commerce, is planning on suing Apple if it tries to release its iPhone 5, citing patent violations. What????

Well, Apple does have its devices manufactured in Asia so the design of this maybe-it-is-the-iPhone 5 GooPhone could be a design rip off! Is it likely that GooPhone is original? It’s already out here!

You would have thought that Apple would be looking to invest in the US economy in bleak financial times such as these! Yes, I think instead of wasting millions in suing the competition they ought to invest in a labor program to train-up the millions of unemployed into manufacturing iDevices! That would endear Apple to its homeland instead of some of the loathing they are currently receiving! There again are American citizens up to the task?

I know, I can’t speak for the American citizens and will not dare to! However, being in the UK I can talk about what I know… I don’t think British citizens would want to work hard knocking out a million handsets in a month… The amount of time spent on tea and cigarette breaks at least 50k iPhone units could have been knocked out of the factory! At the rate the UK government is going jobs will be made compulsory in any capacity as unemployment taxing (hee hee) the welfare system! So, come on Apple, give the UK a chance to redeem itself for years of excess! Oh, the good life… Where did it go?

Are our tattooed hooded feral youth up to the task of mass manufacturing iPhones? What’s that? Kwiatkowski is not a British name? Of course it is! Loosely translated “Kwiatkowski” means Smith!


Could it be that Apple is losing its grip as a technological super-power? Nah! I don’t think so… I think there are many Samsung, HTC, etc knock offs floating around in China – allegedly!

I do think that the GooPhone is indicative of Apple not having original ideas! Just look at the article ‘Samsung vs. Apple’ in this month’s Synapse Circuit magazine to get a better understanding! You will see where Apple got the idea for the iPad! Did they steal the idea? You decide…

You can read the digital magazine direct: SynapseCircuit Digital Magazine (requires the Adobe Flash plugin) or download the PDF from the Synapse Circuit website here: Synapse Circuit Interactive PDF!

I get the feeling that it will be Apple who will end up copying Android lead designs in terms of larger screens! It could very well be that Samsung and Google should have patented a certain screen size… Yeah, why not… Google should have built-in the larger than 4.5” screen into the Android operating system patent to cement the fact that Android is an original piece of technology!

I am almost certain that Apple is itching to release an iPhone with a 4.7” screen – if this is not the case in a few hours time! Wouldn't Apple look stupid if they followed Android's lead after all their Litigation Wars? Absolutely! Had Apple come to their senses they could have kept up with the trail that Android have set! "Think different..." What? Think petty and stupid (as opposed to compete with innovation)?

While I am awake let me make some predictions…

The iPhone 5 will be released with a 4.2” inch screen… There will be some iOS 6 improvements that will closely resemble Android albeit with a slightly different reworking so that it appears to be original (that’s how Apple are going to sell it, “The most advanced operating system in the known universe…”) and before you can register your disappointment… “There’s more… Or should I say less? Or should I say, less is more? Ladies and gentleman here’s the iPad Mini…” 

Oh, I can also see the 3.5" screen becoming the iPhone Mini too! "And there's more... ...for the ladies at the core (geddit?) of our iPhone user base the 3.5" screen is now the iPhone Mini and it will come in... ...wait for it... Pretty In Pink and Marvelous Mauve..." 

I would like to see the queues outside Apple stores and network shops carrying these devices - it cracks me up all the time without fail. 

Hoodwinked again! Oh well…

Thank you so much for reading!

Please check out Synapse Circuit Magazine!

Best wishes!

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