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What’s going on with Facebook and Twitter, huh?

I guess when it comes down to it MONEY is behind the paranoia that Facebook and Twitter often display. What triggers the paranoia? I will tell you… Grab a cup of your favourite hot beverage…

About a couple of weeks ago I posted up links to my blogspace and I have to admit that I was a little cheeky and posted up a link to one of my anti-Apple blogs up on the Apple / iPhone page. Then a couple of hours later when I continued to post the link elsewhere I got a notification from Facebook that I have been banned from posting links on Facebook!

What? What? I couldn’t believe it! Was it such a crime to post what I think is the truth about Apple’s litigation spree and crap iPhone 5? Even if it was them (Apple) behind telling Facebook that I have been “spamming” the least I expect form Facebook is to do some investigation into the allegation(s). So, after a lengthy search to find someone in Facebook’s non-helpful Help Centre I put my argument forward to lift the ban! Here’s what I received for my effort:

Thanks for your feedback. We're constantly trying to improve Facebook, and your input is important to us. Unfortunately, we can't respond to individual feedback emails, but we are reading them.
If you are having any problems with your account, please find information about Facebook as well as the answers to many of your questions in our Help Center:
The Facebook Team

What a waste of time that was! How long would it have taken to investigate what it was that I posted a link to? I had something similar from Twitter claiming more or less the same thing! Again, nobody does any investigation into these “spam” allegations and it is frustrating for me!

As I have said before… Many people on Twitter and Facebook post me links on a regular basis and if I don’t get an accompanying note to tell me on the link I just delete the message. I don’t bother to report it as spam! I think it’s a waste of my time to report spam! Besides one day someone could send me a link to something that could prove useful to me! Yeah, I get all kinds… Porn links, people who claim to be anti-cyber-bullying experts link me to an ecommerce enabled page promising that they can be the solution to my cyber-bullying problems, diet sites that provide a solution in a handy pill and so on and so forth! To me, the aforementioned examples of the mail content I sometimes get, is spam! I don’t think that a link to my blog constitutes as spam, do you?

What I do hate about all this “spam” nonsense is that people seem to be making it up as they go along! Facebook says that adding and messaging people you don’t know constitutes as “spam”! Well, that’s a bit strong… Talk about taking it to the extremes! Facebook is no better than the sad folk who are jealous of the good things others are doing! No, not Tanya’s flexible lady bits dot com! God, no! I am talking about the people out there who are making original music – I don’t mind people sending me links to their music as I have heard some really good stuff! I don’t mind artists sharing their work and looking for money making opportunities! As long as people are making an effort to do something worthwhile I don’t mind at all! But I can see how messaging strangers on Facebook can be annoying – I personally don’t do it! There again, it depends on what’s in the message!

Ultimately, Facebook and Twitter don’t want you to create traffic that could lead to money for your project through them unless you take out an ad with them!

There you go!

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