Monday, 10 September 2012


What there’s less than two days to before the launch of the fifth generation iPhone and it seems to me as though the usual fever pitch anticipation seems to have fizzled out… Once upon a time as soon as the tech-media got wind of an Apple device launch a month or so in advance they’d be busy creating the hype until people are frothing at the mouth on the day of the launch! As a tech-lover even I would be interested into what the next iDevice would bring… …I’d watch the event live on the Net! Again, I don’t hate Apple products – that’s silly; they are just things. It’s The Patent War that I hate; it is a waste of time in one sense because I think it slows down technological progress. On the other hand with Apple throwing its weight around it could cause the competitors to become more creative in finding ways in interfacing with a touchscreen! We’ve seen things like slide up, slide straight to camera and so on. A great advance? No! I think that would have happened anyway. If Apple were more competitive they would have found other methods! Why couldn’t Apple have come up with something like Direct Call on the Samsung Galaxy SIII whereby you receive a text message and by lifting the handset to your head it dials the text sender! Maybe if Apple spent less time on suing the competitors they could take larger innovative strides. At a large stretch, Apple could have possibly shared the technologies between the competitors… Yeah, wake me up… I’m dreaming!

Anyhoo… the tech-press and press in general aren’t feeding the hype this time around and I wonder if this is a red herring… Maybe the leaked pictures and video of the proposed iPhone 5 is a ruse to get us to believe that it’s going to be crap only to surprise us!

Can Apple’s PR get any worse???? If it is to be believed Apple are looking to pull out all Samsung based components from its devices… Boo freaking hoo! Talk about baby throwing the toys out of the pram! I guess Apple must continue what it started…

Tim Cook is sitting alone in his office with his bare feet up on the desk. In his right hand is a Magnum 357 and appears to be aiming at his feet… In walks his assistant with a cup of coffee…

Assistant: Mr. Cook… Are you ok?

Cook: Sure!

Assistant: What’s with the gun?

Cook: Oh, it’s not a gun. It’s a new iDevice prototype…

Assistant: I see <very concerned>…

Cook: You needn’t be worried… I was thinking… Many people find it hard to reach their toes and it is a great source of hygiene problems and torn socks and tights… Then I had a brainstorm! I present to you the first remote toenail clipper… …the iClip! Would you like to see a demonstration?

Assistant: Er, no… Your coffee is getting cold! Do you mind if I hold the prototype?

Cook: Sure! Go ahead! 

Assistant: [Checks to see if gun is loaded and it is…] I think we had better keep this prototype in a safe place, Mr. Cook! I mean you wouldn’t want Google getting wind of this revolutionary invention!

Cook: Golly, gee… I guess you’re right.

Assistant: [Discreetly places the gun in a drawer while Cook sips his hot coffee and goes to call security…]

As the door is shut… Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang…

The assistant and security rushes back into Cook’s office… The rest of the staff looks onwards in shock!

Cook: Ow, ow, ow… …back to the drawing board…

You don’t want to see his headache pill dispenser, “Get’s straight to the heart of the problem…”

But seriously… What on Earth is Samsung going to do with the 4 billion they’ve spent on chips specifically for Apple?

I know! I can see it now… Samsung Galaxy Nexus 500 – they had to get the numeral ‘5’ in there! Wink, wink…

Apple have done and are doing it all wrong! 

So many anti-iPhone sentiments expressed above. 


There’s no doubt that in the iPhone Apple created a phenomenon. But what did they think was going to happen, that other manufacturers wouldn’t want a piece of the action? That’s the nature of technology – manufacturers take a concept and put their own spin on it! Get over it! The people behind Apple aren’t children but they behave worse than!

iOS6 and iPhone is good, but Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Galaxy SIII and Note II is better! HTC One X is better and when it gets Android 4.1 it will be better still! Oh, come to think of it, the latest Motorola Droid RAZR family is better! What Android and, possibly, Windows 8 phone will be worse than the fifth generation iPhone?

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