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No, I don’t mean that Apple should quit producing anymore iPhone models. The smartphone world NEEDS Apple and Apple NEEDS the smartphone world too – only it’s so far up its own rabbit hole that they can’t see it yet! Why? Why can’t Apple see it? Well, I am glad you asked… I don’t mind if I do… You wanna grab some coffee?

Again, for those who think that I am an Apple and iPhone hater I have one thing to say: YOU’RE WRONG!!!!

There’s no doubt in my mind that Apple have revolutionized the mobile device world and I salute them for that! They’ve made headlines around the world and it is not without good reason. However, I think Apple’s tremendous success have done to their heads. They’ve become pompous, pretentious and stagnant. This, I believe, is the King’s new clothes scenario. I had to laugh when I saw the video clip of the iPhone designer waxing about the “design”; I thought to myself, ‘Dude, do you realize that all you have done is just elongated the phone and made it thinner?’

iPhone designer: “The iPhone 5 was a great challenge… Blah de blah blah blah de blah blah…”

Really? Get over yourself! Is this what an MBE or whatever does to you? C’mon! Why don’t you open your eyes and close your bottom end! You’re just blowing smoke! You guys can consider yourselves so, so very lucky that you have the fan base that you have! I can see that things like iTunes and iCloud (is it iCloud) makes for a nice ecosystem cosy lounge that people are afraid or have become too complacent to leave…

Former iPhone user: “Hey, I can buy the CD directly from the artist and create a better quality MP3 all by myself… Wow! Gosh, Google Drive, Dropbox…”

Yes, there’s a brave new world out there… Hahahaha!

Like I said in the ‘iDecieve’ blog, it’s a sad day when you have lie to sell. Trust me, I know all about lying to people because I worked in telesales. My excuse is that I had to reel off a script! What’s Tim Cook’s excuse?

I know the cause in Apple’s case… They have become tedious and they know it! What they don’t know is what to do about it. They’ve tried litigation and that has backfired on them. They’ve derided the competition and it has made people opt for the competition even more. They’ve purposely leaked the iPhone 5 in order to let their audience down gently! I don’t believe for 2 seconds that Apple has sold out of pre-orders for the iPhone 5! iThink that’s just one of their patented marketing strategies: say it and they’ll believe it! And more importantly, buy into it!

Do you honestly think that gushing over a store opening is innovation? C’mon!

The most gracious loser end up being the winner of a good lesson or two! The trouble with Apple is that it’s in a chokehold and it would rather break its neck than admit defeat. So they keep struggling just for the sake of appearance.

It’s funny; I wrote in another blog that it would be so great for all involved if Apple, Google and any other manufacturer could just share the patents. I said that I was dreaming and it turns out that I wasn’t the only one! Steve Wozniak – Good Steve as I have dubbed him – said more or less the same thing yesterday (iThink, so therefore iCould be wrong… iWrite a lot as you’ve probably noticed…).

Let me give you a metaphor to think about regarding Apple so called “patents”… Do you like music? Good! I do too! Now imagine your not-so-favourite music artist being granted a patent for all the musical chord combinations whereby your favourite music artist gets sued every time he / she release a song. It’s insane, right? That’s exactly what’s happening with the patents regarding interfacing with a touchscreen device. In protecting what Apple see’s as their “patents” they have missed the goal completely. What should have continued the iPhone legacy has temporarily stalled it. All the beautiful innards of the iPhone 5 are wasted on the exterior. Apple / Tim Cook talks crap and when you talk crap you create it too!

I’m not an iPhone fan and even I felt let down with their latest offering.

The question is: Will Apple come off their high horse and share the touchscreen patents? I am sure that Google wants to! Because of what Apple has been doing they (Google) feel that they should have been like Apple and patented as much of their technology as possible. I am sure, obviously I can’t know for certain, Google would like to share the technology and stop the Litigation War over minor technologies such as ‘rubber band’, ‘swipe to unlock’, etc. Wouldn’t the iPhone 5 look cool with ‘Face Unlock’?

Take Samsung and HTC for example, they come up with a new design for their flagship products. Samsung took a big risk with their Galaxy SIII design! When I first saw it I was so disappointed. I thought it looked cheap and plastic! Like I have said many times, it’s a totally different experience when it’s in my hands! What Apple does is to keep going on about the SIII plastic body in a way to suggest that it’s cheap. When we think about plastic probably the first thing that comes to mind is a plastic shopping bag. Now does the Galaxy SIII look like it’s made from a shopping bag?

I can’t deny that the iPhone looks good in terms of materials, but I think it’s not worth the upfront fee. I don’t like upfront fees – especially when I am on a 2 yr contract! What do they want, blood? Not just Apple but the networks too! If I had to pay an upfront fee for a handset I would rather put the money on an advanced handset such as the SIII or Note II – if I had to! Don’t get any ideas networks!

The iPhone 5 is kinda retro, the Galaxy S had a 4” screen back in 2010! Hahahaha! But because Apple has been derisive towards these beautiful 4.7” and above they can’t give their fans a decent, proper HD screen that they deserve for their allegiance. I don’t have anything against iPhone fanatics! They deserve the best! I feel that Apple have let them down and all because of their pigheaded vanity!

Apple could do one of two things:

1. Tim Cook should apologize for being a pompous ass and end the Litigation War.
2. Hire Steve Wozniak to replace Cook as CEO. Good Steve has his heart in the right place!

Once the above have been sorted out Apple can really show what they can do! Personally, I think that Apple ought to hire a new designer for future iPhones. Can you imagine what would happen if Samsung was commissioned to design the next iPhone? I think sales would be out of this world!

Competition is important, but it has to be healthy! Wouldn’t you feel like an ass if you were trying to destroy the competition with your best efforts only for the competition to benefit? That is exactly what Apple has done and it needs so very badly to recognize it and stop for the sake of their fans – for the sake of technology fans in general! They can gain so much more from it! More sales and respect from their peers!

Rethink Differently!

Thank you so much for reading!

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