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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! If you have read my ‘Antisocial Networking’ blogs you’ll know all about how ordinary people can become vile bullies and often not even realize it! Yes, people who call themselves religious can fall into the trap of being a bully! Trust me; anyone can become a bully...
Even YOU!!!!

Tonight I have to bring your attention to the vilest exploitation from many streams... I will show you...



...a young woman who, despite the tragic loss of young women to suicide from bullying, Amanda Todd being the most shocking and prominent suicide I have ever had the misfortune to see... Josie Cunningham is a young woman who is being exploited in the vilest way possible. Meat for the grinder...

Today, through a morning television discussion program, I learned that Josie Cunningham had a “boob job” on the free National Health Service (UK) much to the disgust of some people. I felt that the television program in question has contributed to what I see as a modern day witch hunt; the presenter saw fit to make a jibe at Cunningham’s looks. It is despicable! The presenter should have known better!

 The audience are being manipulated; they are being guided to resent Cunningham for having a free boob job at the expense of the tax payer! What do we know about Josie Cunningham other than having a boob job via the NHS? Did she have a job? Did she ever work? What about her parents? They must have worked and if they worked part of their earnings went into tax. Therefore Jose Cunningham shouldn’t be vilified for having what she sees as corrective surgery through the NHS.

The vile newspaper, The Sun, has exploited not only Cunningham but anyone who has been angered by the headline and subheading:

"I don’t know hooter thank first

Wannabe Josie so pleased with taxpayer-funded op..."

Anyone falling for that is simply a fool. A fool looking to take his or her frustrations out on someone undeserving! The article – if it can be called that – is unreadable! Sure, it’s written in English but it is in the language of Idiocy (in the extreme).

We are also told of a child cancer victim who was denied treatment. What do we know about the unfortunate child? Do we know if the cancer is treatable? Could the child survive the treatment if one were possible? We don’t know too much. What the article does is appeal to the emotions with injustice as a theme to rile the reader.

What is laughable about the whole thing is that the vilepaper, The Sun, is well known for the exploitation of young women posing topless for the (in)famous page 3. It is highly likely that The Sun has paid Cunningham a few thousand for posing topless in their vilepaper.

The Sun has spawned many a Glamour Modelling career for hundreds of women – especially Jordan aka Katie Price. The Sun vilepaper contributes to the media’s idea of how women should look. Personally, I do not like that “Plastic-Porno” look on women at all.

I see the media’s exploitation of Josie Cunningham is not so dissimilar to the evil work of the serial abuser celebrity, Jimmy SaVILE (who was allowed to get away with decades of abuse because it involves not only other celebrities, but politicians too). Sure, Josie Cunningham isn’t a child but who knows the state of her intellect? Who knows how fragile her mind is? How is she coping with the horrible abuse that is aimed at the way her face looks?

Who knows if Cunningham suffers from body dysmorphic disorder and will this public backlash affect her for the worse?

Yes, trust Facebook to fester more vitriolic sentiments towards Josie Cunningham. Of course, it’s not the owners themselves but the small minded misguided anger of common people (with no common sense) who feel that it is their duty to make an example of Cunningham and in their small mindedness they feel that it is perfectly ok to aim disgusting derisory comments upon her pictures.

It is bullying! And it should be unacceptable!

What people should be angry about is the fact that this coalition government is punishing those on low income to keep the rich in the lifestyle they have become accustomed to. Next month the UK government will activate a Draconian law in the welfare system regarding subsidised housing. The government say that if a person has more than one bedroom then they must contribute money for that “spare” room. It is a stupid law as who can say that the individual is not making good use of the “spare” room as storage? Yes, by all means re-house folk on welfare to meet their needs. However, there aren’t enough housing provided by the government to enable folk who are out of work to be able to afford the rent. So, if the person found a job they could pay the rent without being subsidised. But this current government is unable to think that far ahead but they can sanction bank managers paying themselves millions in bonuses.

In the UK the cost of living is going up: Gas; Electricity and Water costs are rising and those on welfare are already struggling without these Draconian laws that will come into effect next month!

This is how mentally dull some of us have become.

I have a good mind to direct you to abuse the Facebook account holders who are having a witch hunt upon Cunningham. But two negatives will only result in more negativity.

I think Josie Cunningham could have done with some good counselling - if you ask me. I would have given her a couple of footballs to wear on her chest for a couple of weeks and then ask her if it made her feel intelligent. She's another casualty of the media's portrayal of what a woman is supposed to look like!

I think after this witch hunt Josie Cunningham will need counselling.

Technology is supposed to liberate us, not enslave!


Thank you for reading!

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  1. FINALLY another enlightened person. Thank you for this. I only wish every single person posting hate on her page or via private messaging will read this.

    1. Thank you, Alima! Best wishes to you! :)

  2. Did she have a problem with her chest before causing her stress one boob considerably bigger than the other?

  3. It wasn''t about hating her or hating her looks or hating anything. I do NOT like the decision the NHS made and when compared to a child losing out on cancer treatment because someone wanted a boob job due to *depression*, I'm sorry but what do you expect? When a story like this gets sensationalized, the public will revolt and you wont get a positive response as everyone knows what a deficit the NHS is currently in. I don't know this chick, don't know her background but I do know that superficial cosmetic surgery does not truly make anyone happy. If her depression was as deep as suggested, why didn't CBT with a combination of med's have an impact? From what I know of people that really do have severe depression, bi polar, clinical depression, they do not like to be paraded around, let alone have photo's sprawled all over the papers. Im sorry but it's not a positive story.

    1. It’s good that you are not one who seeks to hurt Ms. Cunningham over her operation. At the end of the day it is the NHS that has sanctioned her operation.

      Depression can take many forms – as you have pointed out. Body Dymorphic Disorder is a serious issue too! I am not saying that Ms. Cunningham suffers from that condition but many women who are prepared to undergo such surgery have been known to have this affliction that drives them to perfect what they see as imperfections. Some women (and some men) can overcome it with therapy and some cannot.

      The media portrays the NHS saying, “Ok, we’ll give Ms. Cunningham a breast augmentation operation because it is easier than treating a child’s cancer...” As though the NHS looked at these individual situations side by side. We do not know the basis of the decision. Well, I don’t know. I think I will research it.

      The story was not written with a positive agenda otherwise they would have written it up perhaps like this:

      The NHS has made a boob out of the government and the Job Centre’s efforts to get people back to work. Thanks to the NHS Josie Cunningham has a career in modelling.

  4. I like how you suggest she is of low intellect...

    1. Not at all... I am saying that we all are or have been affected by the media. Some people take the media way, way too seriously as they have in this story. Some people think that "Reality TV" is real!

      Essentially, I am saying that because of the media Ms. Cunningham - like many women (and men) are judging themselves against what is supposed to be the perfect body. The perfect female and male specimen. Girls / women want to look like models and actresses. Boys / men want a six pack and hair!

      There you go.

  5. Find out from her:self
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    1. I have had some dialogue with Josie Cunningham - or at least I think it's her! She seems to be doing fine!