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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers... Tonight I am writing as a father, uncle and a sensitive human being.

Earlier this week I was disturbed by some seemingly innocent images found on Facebook. Furthermore, a friend of mine who was travelling by London Underground at the beginning of this week got a shock when she noticed a man touching himself inappropriately while staring intently at her...

As a father I can tell you that I absolutely hate the sexualisation of children. I hate that Pop music has been reduced to soft porn video with gesticulations that leave little to the imagination and that such music videos (sic) is beamed into the living rooms at peak-time. It is crazy! 

But on Facebook I was confronted with the following images depicting a baby – albeit a cartoon!

No! Infants are meant to be cute and not have sex appeal.
Are you crazy???? A child in a buttock hugging red dress and high heel shoes????
Facebook is a breeding ground for paedophiles with many adults posing as children. Have we already forgotten Amanda Todd? I know I haven’t. In the light of recent events regarding paedophile rings masterminded by Jimmy Sa
vile and Catholic priests you’d have thought that Facebook and the people behind the popular cartoon series, The Simpson’s, would know better.

These depictions are vile and very, very disturbing. I have to wonder about the mind that produced these images. I have asked myself, ‘Are you overreacting?’ and each time the answer comes back as, ‘No! There are sick people out there who get off on this kind of thing.’

I know we live in a crazy world but the world doesn’t need these images to add to it. It is insane.


It is very sad that women (and men) have to experience sexual harassment, assaults, etc. It’s even worse to know that 80% of the time the women (and men) do not report these terrible happenings to the police. And sometimes when they do they aren’t encouraged to take the matter further due to the lack of man power.

My friend didn’t report the incident of a man touching himself inappropriately as she didn’t think it was significant enough. That is wrong. What’s to stop the man from progressing to groping a woman on a crowded train at rush hour?

Whenever you find yourself in a similar situation I think you ought to try – without putting yourself at risk – to video the incident on your phone! It is quite easy to pretend that you’re playing a game, listening to music or watching a video.

Always pay attention to your surroundings on a train – women especially! Yes, guys can be abused too! There are men who cruise the London Underground looking for casual sex and will grope you ready with the excuse, “Oh, I am sorry! I thought you were Gay!” At least try to take a photo and show it to the authorities; maybe the person you’ve captured is on a wanted list!

Again, I urge you above all else to be careful and keep safe. Get witnesses and expose the pervert. Be careful not to put yourself in danger; don’t tackle the pervert on your own. You should also invest in anti-rape / personal alarms.

Take care!

Thank you for reading!

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