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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! Are you enjoying the Jelly Bean upgrade on your Motorola RAZRi? I certainly am!

There’s some odd bit of rumour going around...


Can this be true? This notion has come about through the launch of the Galaxy S4 on the 14. Some observers are saying that because Android wasn’t mentioned there must be bad blood between the two massive tech-giants. Hmmmm... Is this the proverbial poop stirring? I suppose we will learn of an exploding S4 in due course... Hmmmm... I wonder where that stunt would emanate from. Let’s have a look...

No matter what we thought of the launch the fact is that Samsung didn’t concentrate on even its own Exynos processor or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon. What Samsung did was to concentrate on what the S4 can do for our lives. As I stated in another blog, Samsung by now expects its audience / consumer base to know the value of this premium handset in terms of base hardware:

Quad-core processor.

To dwell on the above items would not have been a waste of time, no. I always like to hear about processor speeds and what Android brings to the table. But we know it or should know it by now. I guess time wouldn’t allow for Samsung to wax on about the processor and the latest version of Android. I think there was barely enough time to fit in all of what the S4 can do!

Could Samsung have made more time if the presentation wasn’t so dramatic? I doubt it! As different as the presentation was, Samsung can in no way be faulted for not giving the audience valuable information and I think the dramatic set-ups were effective. Enough said on the presentation!

Oh, I just want to say that I would love to see Samsung launch the Galaxy Note 3 in Canada, Toronto with the help of renowned director David Cronenberg! I wanna see Cronenberg do some movie short with the Note 3 camera! Yeah, I know they used Win Wenders in Berlin but I think with an artist of Cronenberg’s stature it will compliment the Note 3 to great and most memorable effect! Heck, I don’t know why Samsung don’t put Cronenberg’s name to the Note 3 as I predict sales will go through the roof! Yes, I am a huge Cronenberg fan and I don’t think David Cronenberg has done anything since the famous Nike ad a good while back! I am such a nut sometimes! Lol!

If Samsung is upset with Google it could be that they thought they didn’t get enough support from Google with the Apple lawsuit that cost Samsung over $1 billion; however that figure has been halved due to certain realizations of the case... Who knows where that’s going for sure? I think that Samsung will be exonerated simply because Apple has not been able to show anything that can challenge the S3 and Note 2. You would have thought by now Apple would have a substantial device to show that Samsung are inferior. Uh-uh! Far from it! Anyway, that should be common knowledge by now!

Could it be that Samsung have purposely stepped out of the way in terms of talking about Android knowing that the Google i / o developer conference is going to happen in May? Here we hope to learn more about Android; new version, 5 Key Lime Pie, what it can do, etc. I believe that the conference is going to be bigger than last year!

Samsung is doing exceptionally well from Android and I think it wouldn’t make any sense business wise to depart from Google.

Samsung have always used their TouchWiz skin over Android and HTC has its Sense skin and other manufacturers have placed their own unique take on Android – even Motorola. That’s the point of Android - it gives manufacturers the option to embellish with their own flavour! Samsung has certainly made great use of Android and with the S4 they have really gone out of their way to blend Android and TouchWiz seamlessly. I think it works (from what I have seen of it).

But, hey... Hang on... Samsung has produced a lot of Android handsets last year such as the Grand! I have lost track of how many Android handsets are out there courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood Samsung! So, where does the idea come from that Samsung is getting ready to depart from Google Android?

Tizen is another promising operating system that is based on Linux like Android is. Samsung is promising to launch a high-end Tizen handset later this year. But is that reason enough to assert that Samsung is preparing to part with Android?

Did the tech-observers say the same thing when they launched their premium Windows handset? To be honest I don’t remember. How many S3s did Samsung sell last year? Over 40 million! And Samsung are going to turn that tap off???? I don’t think so somehow...

I do wonder if this rumour is put out there to destabilize the Galaxy S consumer... Are we meant to think, ‘Oh, better not go Samsung, they won’t be doing Android for much longer...’ Hmmm...

Watch out for more rumours concerning the Galaxy S4... Lol!

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