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What have we become?


Good hour, Synapse Circuit Readers! Are you feeling ashamed at yourself for aiming abuse at a young woman just because she has a breast augmentation on the NHS? I am still very disturbed that such nonsense can happen in this day and age... The Age of the Smartphone but we don’t seem none the wiser!



 Then how on Earth is it possible for someone to write the following?

Cant bear to see that mongooses face no more " the one with a face like an a$$h0le who had the boobjob Shes got the publisity now " she dont need No more lets see one in ten years time when they start hanging to the floor and the n.h.s dont pay for them to be corrected And her mongo faced mush aint so smug tehe :-D

Yes, the above writing is for real. This is not the writing of a child but of an adult in her 30s. Oh, I put the dollar signs and zero in for censorship purposes. Obviously, the idiotic bad spelling and grammatical errors are aimed at Ms. Cunningham – unfairly so. It’s mindless! The 30-odd year old woman who wrote that nonsense is no oil painting when measured by the media standards of what is “beautiful”! Is that the reason why she wrote such nastiness? Poorly educated and average?

I know that the woman has a smartphone and she’s one of the many people who do not use the auto-correct (on the virtual QWERTY keyboard) because she can’t spell. So, she writes phonetically – no pun intended. Oh, the irony! There are thousands of people out there who are barely literate. If such people can’t spell and have no idea about grammar and punctuation then the chances are when faced with reading an article they cannot understand context.

The Sun vilepaper is aimed at the lowest common denominator of the UK’s society; hence the simplistic headlines designed to shock and sensationalize. Such barely illiterate folk fall for it hook, line and sinker. Life can be hard sometimes but distractions shouldn’t become a blindfold. Before you know it a mass of angry villagers have assembled with torches in their hands, ready to burn down the reputations of those caught in the headlines. Sometimes such motivation is justified i.e. Jimmy SaVILE and Garry Glitter aka Paul Gadd (convicted for having downloaded thousands of images of child abuse who was let loose where he settled for a while in Cambodia of all places).

However, once the euphoric rush of condemnation subsides i.e. the newspaper stories fade away we often forget about our motivation, justice. It’s as though the media takes care of its own, an impenetrable unholy covenant that provides an alleyway for such monstrosities to escape. The media makes such a loud, deafening noise; it gives us what we want – a sweet cacophony of accusative tones which crescendo into a nothingness. I don’t hear anyone looking to go after the big rats in the Jimmy SaVILE case. I suspect it is hoped that our interest will fade along with the media’s attention.

Ms. Cunningham serves as yet another distraction from what we really ought to be concerned about. 

The technological discovery that was the wheel should have driven us away from being primitive but our lust for blood has endured through the ages. The days where Christians were fed to lions have long gone but we still bay for blood. When I think back about the history of humanity I realize that it has been built upon human sacrifice. There’s a vampiric (if such a word exists) nature about us that allows us to engage in the enjoyment of others suffering. How else can we explain extreme poverty and cruelty in other parts of the world when it doesn’t have to be that way?

Anyway, such is our bloodlust that celebrities aren’t dying fast and / or tragically young enough. Our interest in the tragic deaths of past celebrities is a fetish – possibly of a masturbatory nature – that I find disturbing. We want to see the corpse; we want our pound of flesh. As a result we have invented the Overnight Celebrity where anybody can gain recognition (often through notoriety) from appearing in a “Reality” program. The more Overnight Celebrities we can cultivate the more probable a tragic death will occur amongst them. We plant the seeds to reap the harvest. We build ‘em up only to knock ‘em down.

Do we really want another Jade Goody? At the very least I hope she has inspired women to get a smear test...

Now that we know the nature of our beast can we tame it? If sacrifice is written in our DNA can we intellectualize it out of it? Yes, we have created either consciously or subconsciously the desires to keep the sacrifices going but can we finally grow out of it?

“Gone viral...” Those are the words that every marketer wants to hear when putting out an idea to work on the Net and that it spreads to other mediums i.e. mainstream television. Mainstream consciousness... We like to be entertained and we like to entertain things. This symbiosis goes on without us even realizing it. But what spreads faster than anything is idiocy; everyday idiocy goes viral with the help of “smartphones” every minute as we have witnessed through my barely literate friend.

The media operates in the same way which is to appeal to our base receptors using the tools: sex, humour, maliciousness, suspense and myth. We love a good story and this is why some vilepapers and magazines aren’t bothered about printing lies / hearsay. If more than half the population isn’t bothered about the truth then why should the media be?

What is the result of separating truth from consciousness? The answer is pure and utter madness! Lost the plot? There is no plot! If there was a plot it doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Truth is the new Holy Grail for those who seek it! Lies continue to be a religion that the masses love to follow and worship with their own embellishments.

What better way to spread the viral of Idiocy than through social networking media?

I think there should be a distinction between freedom of speech and derisory foolishness. If you are not prepared to speak intelligently and truthfully then it is an abuse of the freedom to speak. When a child utters unintelligible babble we laugh. But when an adult takes the time to create an antisocial soapbox using social network mediums it becomes a virtual church for Idiocy whereby individuals wear their ill-conceived notions with great pride. It is amazing! Bewildering! Frightening!

Yet for all its wonder a lot of these virtual churches of Idiocy go against the social networking rules. It is illegal to incite hatred of any nature and to harass. The anti-Josie Cunningham pages on Facebook and sentiments on Twitter shouldn’t be allowed to fester.

Could it be that Ms. Cunningham is using the interest for publicity? I really do not know. If it is a stunt then ‘stunt’ is the operative word. If we are not careful we could be breeding a reproach that could have tragic consequences.

We know that some members of society are not able to discern fantasy from reality. A British soapstar went through a period of constant abuse in real life because her character (in a popular soap) swapped her dead baby for a living child belonging to another couple in a controversial storyline. It is hard to believe so many people exist who are in desperate need of a reality check. While such individuals go unchecked their delusions are being fed with the aid of these (anti)social networking virtual churches of Idiocy. Beware!

Cant bear to see that mongooses face no more " the one with a face like an a$$h0le who had the boobjob Shes got the publisity now " she dont need No more lets see one in ten years time when they start hanging to the floor and the n.h.s dont pay for them to be corrected And her mongo faced mush aint so smug tehe :-D

The above is one of the milder sentiments directed at Ms. Cunningham; other sentiments are unrepeatable and unprintable with varying levels of correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.


In the first part the ‘Booby Trap’ blog I asserted that Ms. Cunningham will be in dire need of counselling but I think it’s those who are expressing the most horrendous hatred towards her who need counselling too! They need it most!

I repeat: Technology is supposed to liberate us, not enslave! Do not take the bait!

Thank you for reading!

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