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Three or EE?

At times of austerity one has to weigh up where the money is going... As the S4 is getting ready to drop I am getting ready to drop EE...

I am currently on EE with my Galaxy SII and I recently received a courtesy call from them and what they were offering for the amount of money I pay wasn’t very competitive in comparison to the Three network. I am too embarrassed to say what I am paying for an EE rental; I look at other networks – namely Three and I can see that they have great data plans!

Here’s the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Three’s Ultrafast network which is said to be close to the speed of LTE:

The One Plan. £36 a month.
£29 upfront cost.  
All-you-can-eat data
2,000 minutes
5,000 Three-to-Three minutes.
5,000 texts
24 months

Here’s the same handset on EE:

4GEE 46 Plan 24 months
24 month plan

Plan cost: £46.00 for 3GB of data.

There’s no mention of minutes and texts! That’s quite a considerable difference in price! Do you know what you could buy with the extra £10 a month?

I would love to experience 4G, but definitely not at those prices! And not for my loyalty! I have been an EE (Orange) customer for about 4 years (my first handset was the HTC Hero). I would have thought that they (EE) would have made me an offer I couldn’t refuse! Oh well... Maybe I will put a proposal their way and see what happens... 4G for the price of 3(G)?

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