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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! Ok, ok... I am going to answer the question now...


Let me tell you something right now, it was the Samsung Galaxy S2 that changed the game for Samsung. Why? I hear you cry!

While the tech-media was telling everyone that the iPhone was the best thing since wholemeal bread, it was the Galaxy S2 that was secretly selling in abundance. As soon as it was launched I knew instantly that it was better than the iPhone in terms of design and, of course, it had Android on it. Once again, all the mobile phone retailers have told me that the Galaxy S2 sold more than the iPhone; as a mystery shopper (working for my own articles / blogs) 9 out of 10 retail outlets recommended the Galaxy S2 over the iPhone. Now they don’t even have to make a recommendation because the S3 has got the vote by default! If for some reason the customer does not like the S3 they go for an HTC model instead (usually the One X).

Again, the game change happened with the Galaxy S2. The only comeback that Apple had was the Retina screen which defeated the purpose compared to the 4.5” screen of the S2! It has a great camera and takes magnificent full HD video! The S2 is an all round multimedia beast!

The Galaxy Note came along and smashed all expectations and created its own new category, the “phablet”. Then they grabbed attention with their premium software suite that allows for a great amount of productivity with the notes one can create. Apple couldn’t and cannot follow it!

The Note 2 is a great bit of gear! It can function as a computer with the special dock that will set you back an extra $100!


The S3 came along and switched things up some! It also destroyed the iPhone outright! HTC One X smashed the iPhone too! But where the S3 is strong is in its usability and functionality! Samsung put in a great feature set in the S3 that it impressed the likes of Lord Sugar, who was an electronics giant in the UK, tweeted about its virtues for days! The camera features were brilliant too! Through the functionalities alone the S3 was able to outclass the competition! HTC One X was and is a great handset but people gravitated to the S3 just because of the useful features!

...has become THE GAME!

I know, I know... I am going to get the inevitable accusations of bias towards Samsung but when I see the Sony Xperia Z advertised the only feature they have to offer is that it is waterproof. Ok, I will say that the Xperia Z looks like a magnificent handset with the right features in terms of hardware. But they aren’t saying much when it comes to the functionality of the handset.

The S4 - as you have seen either through my blogs and / or the live event video - has so much to offer the consumer... A lot more! I can’t help but love the way Samsung chose not to make much of the powerful hardware – powerful quad processors are a standard now as is a good chunk of RAM! They concentrated on showing us how the S4 can be a part of their lives.

It could be possible that the Galaxy S4 could be beaten in the hardware stakes but I have yet to see any other manufacturer offer such awe inspiring functionality! I have to see what the 360 camera option can do! I wonder if it works seamlessly because they didn’t mention it at all!

I would have thought that other manufacturers would have tried to come up with user functionality in the advent of the S3, but they didn’t or at least they weren’t saying what their models can do in the adverts or on their websites.

Yes, you have probably heard that the S4 is full of gimmicks! This sentiment comes from the competition and that seems to be mainly Apple and HTC! Oh, and the fans of the competition too!

Let me tell you, if Apple had come up with Air View they would have called it iTouch – the 'i' standing for invisible. They would have run to town and back claiming how wonderful the iTouch is! Naturally, it is the same with HTC; they went nuts with the Beats headphones but that can’t be called a game changer.

It is so funny! When the competition comes up with something unique it is called a “gimmick” and if the opposition had the idea these will be called “features”! Lol! If Apple had the Dual Camera function it’d be called i2Eye. If they had come up with the off screen pause feature they’d call it iPause.

It is so laughable when the competition feel they have to take a swipe at others. And it’s the same with the fans! I know that if the iPhone had the same features as the S4 they’d be raving about it until the cows come home!

I think that so far the S4 is the game in terms of hardware and most definitely the functionality. We’ll see if any of the competition will rise to the challenge.

So far I have heard that the iPhone 5S is coming back for revenge! Bring it on! I wonder if Apple will stick to the 4” screen – if they do I think it is game over!

All that is left for me to do on the S4 is to review it! That will come asap!

Thank you for reading!

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