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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! Are you recovering from the revelation that is the Galaxy S4? I’ve notice that Samsung has dropped the Roman numeral for this one... I wonder what that means... I am just kiddin’! It means nothing! Well, maybe the marketing dept thinks that some people will be confused... I dunno... But it beats typing IV. Lol!

What a show Samsung put on last night, huh?

I think it is safe to say that Samsung puts on the most amazing press launch shows out of all the competition! But I have to say that I have mixed feelings about the New York show... Why?

The presenter, Will Chase, I didn’t have much time for as I thought he was quite cheesy and his jokes were as irritating as itching powder! Note to Samsung: In the future don’t use anyone called “Will” because they simply aren’t as funny as they’d like to think... Y’know, I have never been able to sit through a Will Ferrell movie...

I guess it is a cultural thing, I prefer and still remember the S3 launch in London and the Note II launch in Berlin. American culture, like the fast foods it is famous for, has a lot of saccharin schmaltz and unholy amounts of melted cheese over everything! Us European’s – yes, the UK is a part of Europe too (not that we’d like to admit it for some reason...) – prefer understatement. We want the facts without the artificial sweeteners and cheese.

Hey, when an iPhone fan calls a Samsung show “cheesy” one has to wonder... Lol! However, considering Apple iPhone and iPad launches have all been in the States I don’t think you can get any cheesier than that – especially the iPhone 5 launch! Yuck! Pass me the barf bag! Lol! There is a big difference between Samsung cheese and Apple. I guess you can compare them with real cheese from cows, sheep or goats milk to something very artificial.

What I appreciate about Samsung’s shows is that it concentrates on the usability / functions of the product. Yes, even though the show was elaborate on schmaltzy cheesy drama it focused on the S4’s functions!

Samsung doesn’t mention any of the competition. I like that a lot... Why? Because I feel that it is not necessary to denigrate the competition – they don’t need to! And it takes away from the professionalism if a competitor is reduced to such low tactics. It’s now what technology fans appreciate. Samsung’s products speak for themselves.

I do like the perkiness! It’s always good to see happy people! But the audience seemed somewhat dull! Hmmmm...

Maybe it is due to the fact that there is so much going on with the S4 that not everything could be demonstrated in more detail! For example there was a lot of talk about the 360 abilities of the camera. Instead they concentrated on the dual functions in that you can be a part of the main photo and video with a little trickery! Needless to say that I would have liked to have seen a demo of the 360 function!

I also missed a more elaborate demo of the S Voice; what has changed? If heard correctly, the S Voice assistant sounds more fluent and natural. I could be wrong. I would like to know what progress has been made since the S3 with the S Voice – especially when taking Google Now into consideration. But it can’t hurt to have two great virtual assistants in one amazing handset!

Samsung remains the master of ceremonies / presentation! The competition does not have the flair. Or they have flair but what they are promoting is hot air! Ha ha!

I want to see the Galaxy Note III launched in Canada! Now that would be something! From what I can see with the Canadians is that they are a combination of European sensibility and the best of America! Hey, Canada has given the world David Cronenberg! Yes! How about involving David Cronenberg? Hey, Samsung Canada! If you are reading I have given you a great idea and if you use it please send me a couple of tickets! Wink, wink!

Thank you for reading!

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