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A familiar design in black and white! I like it! 


Good early morning or late evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! As you know, the Android market is huge! HUGE!!!! There are so many handsets available that you probably haven’t even heard of! One possible handset manufacturer is Blu Products! Blu Products have a number of Android handsets but the Studio 5.3 II caught my eye!

I wonder when the UK (and rest of the world) will see such handsets enter the marketplace! Hmmm... Anyway, take a look at the spec:

·         Android V4.1 Jelly Bean
·         3G Dual Band HSDPA 7.2 Mbps
·         5.3" IPS Technology Display
·         540 x 960 qHD Resolution
·         720p HD Recording
·         4GB Internal Memory, 512MB RAM
·         Micro SD Slot up to 32GB
·         1GHz Dual Core
·         3.5mm Audio Jack
·         Bluetooth
·         Wi-Fi Hotspot
·         8MP Auto Focus Main and 2MP Secondary 

Because you have read my ‘Anatomy of a Handset’ blog you should know that the above spec is kind of average or at least the kind of innards that you’d expect from a budget smartphone. But if you don’t need to have the most powerful handset going then the Studio 5.3” could be a great option price depending!

I would expect to pay in the region of £180 for it considering that one can purchase a decent budget Sony – the Xperia U for around £100. The spec is very similar only the Studio 5.3 II screen is bigger, 5.3” in comparison to the 3.5” of the Xperia U. The Studio 5.3” also has a lot for a microSD card up to the 32GB, the Xperia has no external storage options.

I do think that the Studio 5.3 II is a very, very good option (price depending) for less demanding users. I can imagine that the rental price would be pretty reasonable too! Oh, I forgot to mention that the camera is a decent 8MP compared, once again, to the 5MP camera that is in the Xperia U!

You’ve probably noticed that the Studio 5.3 II bears a striking resemblance to the Samsung Galaxy Note II or the S3 – depending on the angle... From the side it’s the Note II... Full on, S3! But it looks as though Blu Products aren’t deploying a UI (user interface) skin over Android 4.1, Jelly Bean due to no physical home button (like aforementioned Samsung models). I could be wrong! I am curious to find out!

I think it is about time that such handsets enter the UK (and Worldwide) market! The budget smartphone market could do with a shot in the arm! Bring it!

I will be bringing you more info on budget handset very soon!

Thank you for reading!

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