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Good very early morning, Synapse Circuit Readers! What can I say about the Samsung Galaxy S4? How about these following words...


It’s great news that the S4 will be running Android 4.2.2 out of the box! Android just keeps getting better and I don’t think, from what I have seen so far, that any operating system can better it.

This is excellent news for speed demons who want the latest and greatest connectivity. The S4 LTE will enable the consumer to enjoy LTE in other countries... There will be a few variants for certain LTE signals.

5 inch Full HD Super AMOLED (1920 x 1080) display, 441 ppi.

The screen makes the handset slightly bigger than the S3 (as you’d expect) and remarkably the S4 is thinner than S3. S4 = 7.9 mm and the S3 is 8.6 mm.

1.9 GHz Quad-Core Processor / 1.6 GHz Octa-Core Processor
The selection of AP will be differed by markets.

Yes, the CPU will vary depending on the market... I am interested to see what we in the UK will get! But a 1.9 GHz quad-core processor is going to be like greased lightening! Goodness knows what the 1.6 GHz octa-core processor will do for speed! But it is going to be something!

Main(Rear): 13 Mega pixel Auto Focus camera with Flash & Zero Shutter Lag, BIS
Sub (Front): 2 Mega pixel camera, Full HD recording @30fps with Zero Shutter Lag, BIS

Dual Camera: Dual Shot / Dual Recording/ Dual Video Call
Drama Shot, Sound & Shot, 360 Photo, Cinema Photo, Eraser, Night, Best Photo, Best Face
Beauty Face, HDR (High Dynamic Range), Panorama, Sports

I have to say that the camera looks so feature rich that it could be that I can sell my digital cameras! The 360 photo looks very interesting indeed... Oddly, the press launch didn’t focus upon such details! For sure the camera offers considerably more than the S3. That’s progress for you!

Another thing about the camera is that you’ll be able to appear in the same shot when you are taking the photo. The camera allows the dual usage of the front and back camera! It’s a simple yet very good idea! I do like the camera features a great deal! I love taking pictures and I think if I were to go for the S4 I’d be snapping at every opportunity!

The video recording formats is excellent and it is great that Samsung have included Sorenson Spark that makes the video recording as small as possible in terms of file size whilst retaining a high quality.

Codec: MPEG4, H.264, H.263, DivX, DivX3.11, VC-1, VP8, WMV7/8, Sorenson Spark, HEVC
Recording & Playback: Full HD (1080p)


Codec: MP3, AMR-NB/WB, AAC/AAC/eAAC, WMA, OGG, FLAC, AC-3, apt-X

Just like the great variations in video it is the same with audio. Audio features almost every format going with the exception of AIFF (associated with Apple devices). One exciting and useful feature allows you to add sound to still photo! Cool!

Group Play: Share Music, Share Picture, Share Document, Play Games
Story Album, S Translator, Optical Reader
Samsung Smart Scroll, Samsung Smart Pause, Air Gesture, Air View,
S Travel (Trip Advisor), S Voice™ Drive, S Health
Samsung Adapt Display, Samsung Adapt Sound
Auto adjust touch sensitivity (Glove friendly)
Safety Assistance, Samsung Link, Screen Mirroring
Samsung KNOX (B2B only)

Let me highlight what I think are the best features...

Group Play and Story Album
Sharing is made easier and I find the Story Album very appealing; Story Album allows you to create photo album / books that can be printed through Blurb!

Say what? S Translator
S Translator is very similar to Google Translate; I don’t know what Google will make of that... Basically, S Translator translates different languages via text to speech to English. Optical Reader is, again, like the Google product Goggles which translates foreign text into English.

S Voice appears to have gotten better with driving in mind, Drive.

Smart Scroll, Smart Pause, Air Gesture and Air View look very much as though you can interact with the S4 with eye movement. I MUST test it!

Then there’s KNOX (Fort Knox presumably) which geared towards business users; it separates business functions from personal.

The battery is better than the 2,100 in the S3! 2,600 mAh! I would like to see how long it lasts after a day of photographing, video recording and play back! I think it is going to be impressive!

I have to say that details of the S4 were the worst kept secret in Samsung’s history thus so far! I was hoping that the leaked photos towards the end were not the S4! However, now that I have come to terms with the actual S4 I can live with the design. It’s obviously a continuation of the S3 and Note II – a rather bland refinement. However, the blandness is deceptive because the design is all about the screen! What can you notice regarding the screen? Yes, the black line at the top which gives you the battery percentage, signal strength, time, etc is gone! Great!

I would have liked to have seen the home button gone! Yet at the same time I am used it and it functions.

Galaxy S4 will hit 327 carriers in 155 countries, rollout starts 27th April! Not bad! I have to wait another month...

Oh, they were way off what with the other products including the S3 Plus! I had it in mind that Samsung was going to launch a massive offensive for good measure. As it stands, the S4 is a major upgrade and it was pure speculation on my part! However, Samsung did inadvertently preview new products in the form of a smartwristband to work with a fitness / medical app and a set-top box that streams media to most screens i.e. computer monitor, TV, smartphone, tablet, etc. I am sure there will be more announcements to come!

Thank you for reading!

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