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Good early morning, Synapse Circuit Readers! I am on a roll right now... I have things that are on my mind regarding the Samsung Galaxy S4... I am going to wax about the design... Here goes!

Yes, just like I was initially disappointed with the S3 design I was a little disappointed by the S4. Why? It’s not because of the use of polycarbonate plastic (techo-plastic); no! First and foremost I am a consumer of life enhancing tech and I was, like most folk (I would imagine) taken by the numerous concept renditions posing as leaks! I am also a huge fan of Sci-Fi and some of those concepts look like it could have come straight out of a Sci-Fi movie! In addition to those concept design leaks I was very taken with the Samsung Youm Future advert that can be found on YouTube. This vision of the future was shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in States earlier this year! Oh, not forgetting a couple of prototypes which featured wrap around screens whereby part of the display could show a text notification on the outer edge. Yes, I was expecting something more out there... I have recovered now... Lol! What’s funny is that I didn’t believe the HTC One leak – I thought it was the work of concept artist! There you go!

The more I look at the S4 the more I appreciate the design. It was the same experience with the S3.

What I see is a refinement of the S3 taken from the Note II!

The mind boggles regarding coming up with a design for a handset that is 80% screen! I think that Samsung has pulled it off! The S4 looks every bit a premium handset and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

The front is very simple and understated; the screen is the obvious stand out feature that looks stunning! I like the mesh polycarbonate casing. I am not too sure about the physical home button. Somehow I think the design would look better without it. The colours are ok, Black Mist and White Frost. I wished more colours were launched simultaneously because I have the feeling that more colours will come later on in the year as it was with the S3! I would have wanted an Electric Blue one! I think Electric Blue would suit this design!

From the side it has a nice metallic looking finish around the outer edge.

As always, the competition has criticized Samsung for using plastic yet again on a premium handset, but I personally don’t mind it at all! If anything the polycarbonate material makes the handset more durable and is not prone to dents and scratches. If it falls on its back I don’t think there’ll be much damage – dependent up on what surface it falls on! I have seen a demonstration of how tough the screen is and I would imagine that the screen on the S4 is going to be the same.

The back looks very plain with the 13MP camera lens and LED flash.

The whole effect is sublime minimalism.

In the next blog I will talk about some of the features...

Thank you for reading!

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