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Good late afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! Apologies for the blog gap! I have been busy making some changes on the Synapse Circuit Dot Com site! I think it looks better! What do you reckon? Anyway, I am on the Tech-Blog case and will be returning to my prolific output very, very soon!


Yes! I’ve not long to go before I can upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S4! I have registered my interest on 3! As you can see the S4 is ready for the 3 Ultrafast network!

Again, many people have accused me of being biased towards Samsung and that I am blinkered but nothing can be further from the truth...

Let me ask you a question... What am I beyond a journalist? Oh, I see some of you are scratching your heads... Yes, that’s right... I am a consumer! What am I going to consume? The very best that I can afford! And it is my duty to be biased in that way. Ultimately, I am a blank sheet that forms an opinion from surveying the competition. So, obviously, I am going to tell you, my Dear Synapse Circuit Reader, my opinion. You could take what I have written onboard or you can be derisive of it. I can’t say that derision matters to me because it will not change my viewpoint after due consideration.

It is so funny and weird when someone chooses to argue on the strength of their favourite brand / manufacturer instead of the facts. Some dude was trying to tell me how the HTC One was better than the Galaxy S4 and this dude considered himself to be a self-confessed “Geek” but I don’t know where he was getting his info from as he turned out to be wrong on all accounts regarding the CPU – he was saying that the HTC One 1.7 GHz CPU is faster than the 1.9 GHz CPU in the S4. Both CPUs are produced by Qualcomm, the Snapdragon. Yes, we in the UK are not getting the octo-core CPU! We are getting the Qualcomm Snapdragon instead, but I am not going to turn my nose up at 1.9 GHz!

Again, there’s the question over the battery... S4 has a removable 2600 mAh battery to the non-removable HTC One 2300 mAh. C’mon! Be real!

I can’t wait to see the TV ad campaign for the Galaxy S4. Typically, the HTC One ad concentrates on just one aspect, the frontal speakers! No doubt that the frontal speakers look great into the design and probably sounds just as great as they look. But seriously, how practical is that when in public the polite thing to do is use the headphones or earplugs provided? I personally do not use my handset to listen to music so I will not appreciate the frontal speakers. Audio on my Samsung’s for watching video has been very good. Therefore, at least to me, the speakers aren’t an issue. That said, I wonder how many folk by those extended speaker docks for their handsets? I know that there are a lot available for the iPhone and iPod, but I don’t see that many for Android based handsets. Hmmm, I have never really thought about using my handset as a means to provide music before. Hmmm... Anyhoo, I put the facts to this “geek” and I haven’t heard from him since!

The only satisfaction I get from winning such arguments is the knowledge that I have presented correct information. I do take pride in my writing! Of course, I am bound to get some things wrong and I am not above admitting my mistakes as and when I make them! I don’t consider myself to be an infallible Tech-Guru! Lol! I wish I were!

I am well aware that the public make their decisions based on other factors than the hardware. I mean, any handset with a quad-core CPU clocking over 1.5 GHz isn’t going to be shabby! Yes, there are those who find screens over 4.5” too much to fit in the trouser pocket (how about the jacket pocket?) and so on and so forth! It’s all good!

That’s the beauty of Android handsets... You get a variety to choose from to suit you. I am not here to influence you in any way! I am just here to present what I see as important facts or issues that you should consider – perhaps! But that’s why you read my blogs, right! It is not lost on me that there some out there who read my blogs to wind themselves up! It’s like those TV complainers who deliberately set out to watch a specific show and complain the heck out of it when there are other channels to explore! It’s a strange, but still a wonderful world.

I liked the HTC One so much that I was considering it; but for my needs... Er, no! Don’t let me stop you!

I am looking get my S4 on the 3 network for the Ultrafast data speeds! 4G is way to expensive for me! 

Hey, have you gone to a mobile phone shop and the shop assistant says bad things about 3 when you want to make the switch or go on it for the first time? Please let me know and give enough detail as possible. The same goes for a telesales person dissuading you from going to 3!  

I would just like to acknowledge the tragic deaths of two young girls:

Olivia Langley who died when her buggy was blown into the path of a delivery van on the 26th of March.

Jade Lomas-Anderson, 14, mauled to death by dogs also on the 26th March.

May they rest in peace and my sincere condolences to their family and friends. These deaths are really upsetting... Young lives taken in such horrific circumstances.

Thank you for reading!

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