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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! I hope that all is well with you! I don’t know about you but it has been a torturous 13 days - a month if you count the advanced notice of the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy SIV launch that is taking place tomorrow in New York! I am all charged up in anticipation and that my upgrade is due! Yay!

What else is new?

When the iPhone was released and Jobs made it a point to let the industry and the public know that I can tell you that two of the most prominent networks in the UK, Three and EE have set up a page of interest whereby one can register for more information.

The sales heat is on! Do you think that the S4 will clean up the competition again? Or do you think that the HTC One is going to give the S4 a good run for its money?

Personally, from what I have seen so far, the competition looks a little iffy... For example the HTC One boasts having an “ultrapixel” camera that is works out to be 4MP, but it is the way in which the “ultrapixels” work that gives a photo more depth of light. Say, isn’t that kind like HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography whereby a photo is comprised of different exposures that draws out the details in a dynamic way?

LG has the Optimus G Pro but, apparently, it is not scheduled for the UK! That could be for good reason as that premium market seems sewn up by the giants of which Samsung is the major! That said, it would have been nice to have that choice. I guess LG are going for the budget and midrange market that they have done so well in.

So, this leaves the formidable Sony Xperia Z! The Xperia Z certainly ticks all the boxes: full HD 5” screen; 1.5 GHz processor and 13MP camera which has a video light! Wow!

At the moment the rumours / speculation leaks has the S4 with a faster processor as 1.8 GHz. There are no solid details as of yet as to the quality of the camera, which should feature a 13MP sensor. I would be disappointed this time around if the S4 didn’t have a 13MP camera!

Samsung has been teasing us with an image of what is said to be the S4 and I have to say, just like I did with the S3, that I am already disappointed. I guess you can say that I am a futurist and that I want a handset looking like Sci-Fi (see their Youm display video). It looks very much like an updated S3 where the design is concerned and speaking of S3... There’s a rumour to suggest that Samsung are going to release an updated version of the S3 to include a full 1080p screen! I believe the rumour too! You may have noticed that Samsung has released the Galaxy S2 Plus – not that I have seen it in the UK. It makes me wonder if Samsung are showing us the beefed-up S3. You just never know with Samsung! Again it’s rumour that there could be more than just one device to be revealed tomorrow. Some are saying that this other device will be a smartwatch and some say it’ll be the S4 mini. But I think they will show off more devices than the S4 and I think the one of the devices will be the S3 HD or S3 Plus.

The next question would be: How soon will the S4 be hitting the shops? Will they be ready to hit the market by the end of March? I know that Samsung are keen to ward off the competition, so fingers crossed that it’ll be ready to go international! Ok, UK first at least! Lol!

What do you reckon?

Thank you for reading!

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