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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! I hope that you had a good day! I have been busying lining up stuff to review! I’ve got a backlog that I have to sort out! I promise you that the reviews are going to come soon!

One my Cyber-travels I came across a pretty neat idea. It’s something that I have thought of but there is nothing new under the Sun, right?

The person or persons behind Phonebloks reckon that Electronic goods weren’t meant to last. I am not so sure about that. Take the PC as the precursor to the “building block” approach; I have always appreciated the fact that I could extend my PC with removing and replacing components such as the graphics card, more RAM, etc. I am not the kind of person to purchase a PC each year. Heck no! I use my PCs until they are worn out! Oh, another thing about the PC is that one could – with a bit of studying – build and service one’s own system. I reckon custom builds last the longest!

This building block approach could work with the mobile devices (handsets, phablets and tablets). That said, I don’t fully agree that mobile phones are so disposable. I tend to keep my premium handsets as you have probably gathered for a number of reasons, first and foremost is that I take good care of my handsets. My phones look as good as new! Nonetheless I definitely would want to build my own handset by the block!

I envisage that this would be a good platform for Android. I don’t see Apple part taking in this idea... ...perhaps they might do something similar. Hmmmm... MicroNokia could possibly do this as this is pretty much PC territory!

When Motorola announced their “customizable” Moto X I have to say that this what I hoped for and who knows if Motorola would jump on this idea? I think they ought to put their stake in as fast as possible! I also think that this is very much a Google vehicle too! Google + Motorola = Phonebloks! Yes or no?

Perhaps we can see other operating systems establish themselves via this method such as Ubuntu, Tizen, FireFox and some new ones too!

Bring it on! You can check out the Phonebloks site here: Site

What do you reckon?

Take good care!

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