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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! What a beautiful day it was considering it is the beginning of autumn! Shine on! Yes, indeed... Apple is on the trail that Samsung will have blazing come tomorrow...

This could be the day when we’ll see the Apple’s true colours (hee hee) as the tagline is, "This should brighten everyone's day."

Sure, the inexpensive iPhone 5C(olour) may appeal to those who are on a budget and dare I say that it might entice users of Android and Windows who would like an second or third handset as an alternative. Perhaps the iPhone 5C could very well take the place of BlackBerry handsets. On my travels I see the BlackBerry being the secondary handset.

Expect super-cheesiness as expressed with the multicoloured iPods released last year. One possible downside is that it may not feature Siri! Oooh! We’ll see...

Hmmmm... To be honest I can’t see any major changes in this device should it turn out to be a reality. It would be very much like the 4S in that the additions will not be major. Perhaps we could see enhancements to the camera. The 5S could sport a 13MP camera capable of 4K video.

I also predict that Siri will be further enhanced to match that of the constantly on Moto X experience.

And everybody knows that iOS 7 borrows heavily from Android – nothing wrong with that. However, Cook did say that “Android should develop their own technology...” Yet Android, in my opinion, is far more advanced that iOS.

Anyway, let’s hope that the September 10 will bring iPhone / iOS fans good if not great news!

As you know the competition that the iPhone faces is rife! Again, I think that the Android devices released thus so far this year has trounced iOS! Do I really have to go into reasons why? Okay! Alright! You need convincing, huh? You’ve got it...

1. Android 4.2. and 4.3 are superb operating systems that does what you want how you want.

2. There is a vast amount of choice with Android handsets and tablets; so many different sizes, designs, etc.

3. Android is leading in innovation.

Seriously... ...just last week I met a guy in a phone shop who turned to me and said, “This (pointing at the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini) is my next phone. I am done with the iPhone. The iPhone is behind the times...” Me? I would have gone for the S4! Each to his or her own...

I do think that the Galaxy Note 3 is going to do some major damage to the handset market in more ways than the iPhone 5C ever could. When you put the 5C in context it is just a cut down version of the real thing. I do not see what is attractive about having a cut down in many colours encased in plastic. I’d prefer the real thing.

Apple using plastic on their 5C reinforces that Samsung and other manufacturers have got it right when it comes to using plastic on their premium handsets. I really hope that doesn’t change. However, I think that Apple is using the plastic in a manner as if to say, “Plastic is good enough for a cut down version of our top handset and we, unlike, others would never use it on a premium device...” I think this is going to backfire on Apple because the premium iPhone is really too prissy by today’s Android and Windows standards; a well worn iPhone looks anything but premium. Whereas a lot of the Android handsets, on the whole, look pristine in comparison!

I do think that Apple needs to rethink their notion of luxury for plastic materials as it would enhance durability and the consumer will have more options than black and white.

We’ll see! Roll on 10 September 2013!

What do you reckon?   

Take good care!

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