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Are you new to Windows 8? Do you find it confusing? Check this out...


If you are new to Windows 8 it may appear confusing as it has, in no doubt, been inspired by iOS and Android. Windows 8 is Microsoft’s latest version of the Windows operating system to address its stagnation. And guess what? It works! When I am asked I say forget the RT version of Windows 8 – leave RT to Windows phones! Why? Ok, here goes...

The Windows RT tablet has proven to be a waste of time compared to the iPad and the many decent Android tablets out there. Windows RT lacks the wealth of apps that the iPad and Android has. However, the full blown Windows 8 operating system on a high-spec tablet can beat both the iPad and Android in terms of the user of such a tablet having access to a myriad of software titles for just about everything: DTP, music, photo editing, graphics, etc. The Surface Pro tablets are beautiful devices that outclass the iPad and not quite Android. Ok, let me tell you why!

The iPad tablet is very costly and starts at £399 for the 16GB version. So, essentially you, as a Apple fan, are buying into two separate operating systems, Mac OS X and iOS, when perhaps you’d be better off with a Macbook Air. Looking over at the Surface Pro you have just the one operating system, Windows 8; you may find it convenient to be productive on the move and you’re certainly not chained to a desk (like I am while I type this review). The one Surface Pro may be all that is needed. But with power comes a great cost; the 64GB Surface Pro retails for around £639! But, unlike the iPad, I don’t see the Surface Pro user feeling the need to upgrade a year later! Gosh darn it! NO!!!!

Like all new tech the price starts off high and becomes lower and in my must humble opinion if Microsoft had just concentrated on the Surface Pro and massed produced it instead of messing around with an RT version I am sure that it (the Surface Pro) would have been less costly. There again, it is not selling in great quantities and that is bringing down the price too!

The good news is that if you don’t fancy the Windows 8 tablet then there are always some beautiful top notch laptops and ultrabooks out there that could work out to be of better value! Of course, that’s if you want something portable.

Windows 8 vs. Android: The reason why, in my most humble opinion, Windows 8 tablets aren’t able to compete with Android is down to the virulent nature of it. You can pick up a decent Android tablet for under £150!!!! Windows RT can’t do that and certainly Windows 8 has no chance of coming down to that price point. Not to mention a bunch of 7” Android slates from China that comes in at under £100!

The Android tablet is often seen as a complimentary device to the desktop PC or Mac. The desktop PC will always be of tremendous value once the tablet hysteria has died down! As you may or may not know, the price of the desktop PC has come down a lot and continues to come down.

Microsoft is definitely going in the right direction with Windows 8 and if you want to get to grips with it you could do no better than Professor Teaches Windows 8.

It’s a complete course in Windows 8 that takes you from the very basics to more advanced aspects of this progressive operating system. It is pretty much reminiscent of the CD ROM (remember those?) that installs itself on the hard drive and is run as a program. It is also like online learning – if you have ever done a course online! If not then have no fear because the tutorials are crystal clear and thorough!

It’s for those who have bought a new Windows 8 PC / laptop / tablet with little or no idea on how to make the most of it.

You will be taken every step of the way to become a proficient Windows 8 user.

For the content I give Professor Teaches Windows 8 5 out of 5.
Interface / ease of use it scores 5 out of 5.
Pricewise, a bargain for the amount of work that has gone into it: 5 out of 5.

Overall: 5 / 5

Check it out!

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