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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! I hope that all is well with you and yours! I know that some of you followed my guide and experience with ‘Rooting’ the Android handset. Some of you also managed to install a custom ROM i.e. CyanogenMod. If you haven’t gone through that baptism of fire then I recommend that you should give it a good go! There’s a good reason for this as you will see!


The good news and the great news is that the rogue crew of Android developers, CyanogenMod, have become incorporated! Whoo hoo! They, captained by Steve Kondik, promise to make the installations of their custom Android easier. This is good news for those, like me, who have gone through the process of rooting the handset and then installing a custom ROM. It is great and bad news for those who have yet to go through this educational process. Yes, I am very aware of the contradiction in the last sentence; basically I am stating that I found it very satisfying to research (through a Google search) on how to root and then install a custom ROM. I felt, albeit in a small way, that I’m kind of hacker. Lol! I am able to do what many people dare not do which is to remove the manufacturer software in favour of something purer and therefore better!

From what I can gather you will still have to learn the rooting process but the installation of a custom ROM will be simplified a great deal. Let me quote from CyanogenMod.

“Bringing the Cyanogen experience to everyone
You have probably seen the pace of development pick up drastically over the past few months. More devices supported, bigger projects such as CM Account, Privacy Guard, Voice+, a new version of Superuser, and secure messaging. We vastly improved our infrastructure. We’re doing more bug fixes, creating more features, and improving our communication. We think that the time has come for your mobile device to truly be yours again, and we want to bring that idea to everybody.
Our goals today are straightforward:

* Organize, lead, and support our community
* Create amazing user experience centered around how YOU work
* Security solutions that really work
* Stay committed to building the features our users need
* No junk
* Constant updates
* Available on everything, to everyone

The biggest obstacle we wanted to get out of the way is the hideous installation process. Today there are more open and unlockable devices than ever, but they all have their quirks and wildly different installation procedures. We’ve done our best to document the process for every device we support on our wiki, but it is still a daunting process for mere mortals. This is not sufficient—installation needs to be easy and safe. This is a great deal of complexity to manage when you are talking about almost a hundred different devices, but we decided to tackle it.


Our installer will be available on the Play Store in the coming weeks.

So what does this all mean for the community? The first thing I wanted to do when I realized we were actually doing this, was tell everyone possible. But when starting a company, you have to think about the larger picture. This meant not announcing until the time was right, our house was in order and we would have something to show.
I have seen open source projects come and go, some being bought out and closed, others stagnating and falling by the wayside. I don’t want to see this happen with CM.

In all that chaos there have been projects that do it ‘right’, simultaneously supporting the company and the community—this is where CM will go. Our community is our biggest asset. With any change in structure like this, questions about motives and reason are going to need answered. The new products we have created should give you an idea about our motivation, and where we are going.

What will change is our capabilities, our speed, and our size. I’m not one to let anything stagnate. The next logical steps for CM were out of reach previously, and the path forward is clear now. I hope you feel the same.

I realize the questions will outnumber anything I can show you. We will be doing a Reddit AMA later today, so you all will have an opportunity to ask us exactly what is on your mind.
There is of course more to our story to come, and we have barely begun this new chapter.
Exciting times are just ahead!”

The above is such fantastic news for root users; the issue of security is probably on a lot of people’s minds. I am no technological expert by any means but gleaning from the news and technological television programs there are certain features of the smartphone that raises concern about privacy and cyber-crime. I have also understood that many apps offering protection / security that can be easily downloaded from Google Play store are doing anything but! I embrace “security solutions that really work” from CyanogenMod wholeheartedly!

As much as I enjoyed rooting my handsets (Samsung Galaxy S, S2, HTC Desire, One X and LG E400) there were times when I could have thrown some of them against the wall! I wished that there was an easier way of rooting a handset; the HTC models proved to be very, very complex. As much as I welcome the CyanogenMod installer I would love a Universal Rooter – that’s what I am calling it! I wonder if any such rooting app is on the cards.

However, I learned quite a lot from the pain of going through rooting. At the very least I am able to research and follow instructions from the many sources online. Sometimes the information was confusing and the more agitated I became the more I didn’t understand the information given. It must have taken me the most part of a year to figure out how to root the bloody HTC Desire! Lol! I don’t mind admitting my shortcomings; I do not claim to have an outstanding knowledge of all things tech! The Samsung handsets were a breeze to root!

In any event the information is there if you know how to look for it! You have to be patient and confident that you will find out how to do and undo! For example, I bricked the LG E400 but instead of panicking, like I once would have, I researched how to unbrick it and from there I installed a CyanogenMod custom ROM.

Again, I do urge you to root and install a custom ROM! Sometimes it is worth keeping an old handset just to experiment with different ROMs, etc. Have a go!

I happen to have the notion that CyanogenMod produces the most reliable custom MODs than any other custom ROM producer. It’s awesome to see that they are taking their wonderful work to a higher plateau! All my rooted handsets have CyanogenMod installed on them.

What do you reckon?

Take good care!

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