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That's a pretty decent shot! 
Taking shots at night proved to be a tad disappointing. 
The sky comes out looking marvellous but the rest of the building looks a tad dull. 

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Good late evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! What have you noticed or not as the case may be?


Cancelled for the iPhone! That’s right, the UK launch of the latest iPhone devices have gone unnoticed. The phone shops barely advertise it because any sales assistant will tell you that the premium Android handsets have so much more to offer. Gone are the queues formed by adoring fans waiting to get their fingers or fingerprint onto the latest Apple techno-child. Cut to a lone tumbleweed in a ghost town rolling down a dry, desolate street. What a shame for iPhone fans.

People do not necessarily purchase a handset for colour, no! Many people purchase a handset based on functionality. And I sincerely hope that the non-Geek, for want of a better expression / word, are more knowledgeable on what makes for a good handset when it comes to features. I couldn’t tell you the last time I heard a woman being concerned that the phone “has to be pink”. Thank goodness for that! Lol! Apple has failed by insisting upon its idea of a premium handset at a premium price! Enter handsets such as the...



Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 processor

4 GB internal storage, 1 GB RAM
microSD, up to 32 GB
Fast 8 megapixel camera with instant shutter and HD video
Dual stereo speakers with DTS sound
Large 4.5-inch display: IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colours
Size 540 x 960 pixels, 4.5 inches (245 ppi pixel density)
Uses Advanced 3G (DC-HSDPA) technology

For around £180 the above spec is pretty darn good considering the price in relation to the premium Android specifications as flaunted by the likes of HTC, Samsung, LG, etc.

The design is something that you’ll take to or dislike. I personally like the design because it manages to be unique in the ocean of Android handsets; I particularly like the cut of the red earpiece – it reminds me of a robot visor for some reason. I think that what many will dislike is the 9.9 mm chunkiness of the Liquid E2 which seems to be a contradiction in terms. Again, I do appreciate chunky handsets; I did not feel the need to rush out and purchase a protective case which would, if it were thin, add a considerable bulk to the whole experience.

At the back of the handset are the stereo speakers with DTS sound. You’d think that your hand may muffle the sound but because it is quite a chunky handset you can hold it quite comfortably whilst avoiding contact with the speakers. The speakers live up to expectations and delivers a nice crisp sound which can be altered via an equalizer; it is very loud too thus makes for a great alarm to get you up in the morning!

The overall design is in keeping with Google’s no physical button preference which is something that I like very much. It makes the Liquid E2 look like a futuristic device. I do think that it looks better than the iPhone design. There again, it is not difficult to surpass that “design”.

I was quite surprised by how responsive the Liquid E2 was / is. Applications open their screens rapidly when launched and it makes social networking a breeze! I have a busy Facebook profile and I found the Liquid E2 wonderful to keep tabs with my social networking interests – it could keep up!

It multitasked fairly well with a number of apps running in the background.

The 2000 mAh battery lasted for a day with moderate use.

The 8MP camera capable of capturing 1080p video at 30 frames per second (fps) was quite disappointing. I found the camera action sluggish and this did improve somewhat with a device software update. However, the pictures are very good.

There were some focusing issues where video is concerned which is a little disappointing.

Oh, the Acer Liquid E2 came so very close to perfection for a budget handset. It just the video side of the camera has let it down a little.

If you are looking for a second or third handset to, let’s say, take advantage of good offers from networks or want to keep business separate from a personal handset then the Acer Liquid E2 could very well fit the bill!

3.5 / 5

Again, this is what Apple can’t do. Apple can’t produce a phone of this nature and stature which is most considerable in that you could purchase this handset outright. Even if you could afford the iPhone in cold hard cash you’re not getting much value for your money by the time an upgrade is due. Sure, the Liquid E2 has some shortcomings with video capturing but it isn’t a total disaster; with a bit of care it is possible to take good video footage - just don't move. It is handsets like these that continues to take chunks out of the Apple.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Stay tuned for more reviews to come.

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