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Here’s a question: If Samsung has taken over from Apple as being the most profitable mobile device company then what is the rest of the competition (Google, LG, Huawei, Sony, etc) doing to Apple’s market share?

I have to admit to looking forward to Apple’s “This should brighten everyone’s day...” product launch. Why? I guess it’s because I enjoy listening to Tim Cook and motley crew’s delusional speeches and general guffaw inducing aggrandising.

“We used to have the most popular handset in the known world. And now we have soon to be the most second popular handset in the world and universe...”

And the rest...

“Introducing the iPhone 5S; now no unauthorized eyes will be able to peek inside your iPhone because we have now placed a fingerprint scanner on your favourite phone in the world! “

Just don’t fall asleep leaving your iPhone exposed, a breach of security is merely a fingerprint away! Perhaps determined phone thieves will get into hacking – hacking your whole hand off! God forbid!


“Did you know that each day more pictures and videos have been taken on the iPhone each day? Well now you have even more incentive to take pictures and video because the iPhone 5S now features a 13MP camera! Isn’t that fantastic? It’s wonderful and I am sure you’d agree...”

I wonder if that camera will take full HD video at 60 frames per second. Hmmm... I also wonder if the camera will be capable of recording 4K HD video... Hmmm... We’ll see!

But wait! There’s something else...

“And now for what will be the second most popular iPhone in the known galaxy (get it?)... Ladies and gentlemen... I give you... The iPhone 5C! The ‘C’ stands for colourful! We have given the world a whole new pallet of colours. I will now leave you in the capable hands of our awesome designer, Jony Ives...” Applause and cue video...

Video featuring Jony Ives: “The world has become a depressing place to live in. There are horrendous wars happening as you watch this. Racial inequality is still an issue but I had a dream. I had a dream to balance the indifference by introducing colours to the world’s most... ...the galaxy’s most... ...the universe’s most popular handset... ...the iPhone 5C!” Applause!

“It was a challenging design because how does one take what is a revolutionary device and evolve it? But more importantly: How does one give back to the world – especially when one takes advantage of poor working conditions? I lay in bed one night and I couldn’t sleep; then all of a sudden it came to me when I went into the kitchen to grab a handful of Skittles: COLOUR!” More applause!

Yes, indeed... iOS 7 is expected to come in the fall.

“Now for some more news on the most advanced mobile device operating system in the world and know universe, iOS 7!”

But didn’t Apple borrow heavily from...??? Never mind... Here it comes...

“The other guys, despite recently reaching over a billion activations, still have the problem of fragmentation. Tsk, tsk, tsk! The other guys can’t seem to make up their minds over handset specifications... 4”, 4.3”, 4.5”, 4.7”, and 5” and above screens... What’s that about???? Our research shows that 4” is the perfect size for the hand...” Wake up! Lol!

Cook will go on to list the “new” additions to iOS 7 that has been a part of Android for years. At the end of the launch we might get One Direction or Justin Bieber singing a song about colours.

What do you reckon? I can’t wait to see how much the above I have gotten right!

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