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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! Don’t you just enjoy what’s happening in the world of tech? It’s pretty crazy good, no?

Why we can be soon saying goodbye to those crap cheap and under-powered Android handsets... Read on!

You know something? Every other day I learn from disgruntled budget Android users about the shortcomings of such devices:

1. Battery life is dire.
2. No space for applications.
3. Social networking applications are too slow.
4. Wi-Fi connection can be dodgy.

These complaints come mainly from my female friends... I have tried so hard to let them understand the nature of the phones that seem attractive but the seldom listen. Once these women get sold on an idea they will run and run with it only to find out further down the line that they have been short-changed.

In case you have no idea what I am on about please read this blog:

The good news is that because of the high standards of premium Android handsets being released each year great handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 are being offered at very low rental prices such as £17 per month whereas before the price was £30! Gosh! The standards are so high that the Galaxy S4 mini is a bargain at £17 on a monthly contract! Too many women friends of mine think that they are getting a bargain with cheap pay as you go phones! No! Do the math! £17 x 12 = £204. The Galaxy S4 mini is worth around £400. It is customary to take out a contract for 2 years and, if you do not use up your minutes and data, the contract pays for the phone. You can take advantage of great apps that allow you to make free texts, calls and video calls. You do save a lot of money! Whereas with the cheap PAYG handsets you are in danger of going over your minute and data allowance! Not forgetting your have shelled out for a handset in the first instance! I was going to say, ‘Don’t do it!’ but you don’t have to!

Check out the Google Nexus 4 8GB handset it retails (on the Google Play Store) for £159! That is an absolute bargain by the PAYG standards (if you wanted to go PAYG); that’s where purchasing a handset outright and getting a SIM only contract can pay off! You will never, well, not at this rate, do that with an iPhone! Okay, we’ll soon find out what the 5C is all about in terms of price. Even a second hand iPhone goes for more than it’s worth! You will also find that older iPhone models will suffer from fragmentation in a more dramatic way than with Android i.e. you won’t get Siri to work! With today’s premium Android handsets you are expected to enjoy system updates for a longer period.

Take the Galaxy S2 as a great example of being able to be upgraded to the latest version of Android, albeit with my S2 via Cyanogenmod’s custom ROM installation. I think there is an official upgrade for the S2 but don’t quote me on it. Believe it or not the Galaxy S2 is a popular phone and you can purchase it online for around £150 or less!

Just think that when the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes out the S4 – the awesome handset that it is – will be significantly reduced in price! Madness!

The spec of the premium Android handset becomes more powerful with each release; it is truly staggering! Samsung has certainly pulled out all the stops with the Galaxy Note 3! What? USB 3? 3 GB RAM? WOW! Although the Galaxy Note 3 isn’t out for a few weeks yet the Note 2 has already been reduced to a minimum of £25 on a monthly contract. Sure, you’re not going to get many minutes and a decent data plan but, again, you can’t really do that with the iPhone. Yes, the iPhone 4 on a monthly contract has come down to £17 but you really don’t get much of a handset for the money like you would with the Galaxy S3 or the Nexus 4! This is why I would never get an iPhone!

Hey, I do not want to discourage you from taking out a contract on an iPhone. You love what you love and there’s nothing wrong that. The value that we place on the things we love is immaterial to what it is really worth. However, with a premium Android handset the value is undeniable! Will Apple cheapen their brand with the 5C? I think so! I think Apple may have shot themselves in the foot again!

Remember: All the significant innovations in handsets are driven by Android (large screens, powerful dual, quad and octo-core CPUs, over 2GB RAM and so on). Apple is significantly behind the times and expects users to pay for it. I wish, for the sake of Apple fans that there will be a surprise iPhablet revealed later on today! Some of us live in hope!

What do you reckon?

Take good care!

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