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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! How are you feeling a day after the Apple iPhone launch? Are your eyes dry? Yes, folks... The backlash from the (non) event is rippling as a type...

Yes, a few angry iPhone fans have accused me of being “biased”. For the benefit of my growing audience I will say this (again): Of course I am going to be biased; that’s the nature of competition. Manufacturers, producers and service providers rely upon us to take a biased stance in their favour based on what they are offering. As a consumer we are all biased in that we will buy into what we think is best for us and best overall. However, I would like to think that as a writer I do not get too emotionally involved. It’s important to have a bit of distance to view / review products with an open mind and then give my biased view. My bias is what I think is the best technological advantage, and, of course, you are most welcome to refute my findings. When I write I try not gush as a Fanboy in any particular direction unless I am writing as such.

But I don’t take the backlash against what I have written about the iPhone 5C and 5S personally because I realize that this is the Fanboy’s and Fangirl’s way of demonstrating that they are not happy with what Apple have produced. Yes, they are taking it out on me. What does the Bible say? “Suffer the children?” Lol!


As a iPhone fanatic whether you want to admit it or not the 5C did not brighten up everyone’s day. The 5C has failed partly because of the media speculation what with the build up of that promise of a “budget” handset from Apple and we didn’t get it. And it is also down to Apple for failing to understand what the consumer is looking for. MicroNokia took the opportunity to poke a pit of fun at the 5C and grab some publicity for their handsets in the meantime! The 5C colours aren’t as vast as even I would have hoped! As say “even I” because I do think that iPhone fans expected more. I think the Moto X has got it right in terms of customizations for their consumers – so much so that I wish it was available in the UK!

There’s no way that I would want to pay an upfront fee to take out a contract on the thing! It’s just not worth it! I am sorry if it hurts you. I really am! I reckon you wanted what Android consumers are enjoying: FREEDOM OF A GREAT CHOICE!

Hey, you can buy an Android handset outright for £70 and with a front-facing camera! Check out the Huawei Ascend Y300! It has even got Jelly Bean 4.1 installed on it! I really believe that the iPhone 5C could have been powered, ironically, by Google Now – if Siri is out of the question!

C’mon, c’mon... You know that the 5S is a letdown especially where the design is concerned. I honestly feel that Jony Ive is a caged animal in that he cannot flex his design muscles. Ive doesn’t seem fully integrated as part of the launches since goodness knows when. Ive appears like a big empty head via video like the Wizard of OZ!

The 5S is no design at all. Apple is still sticking to their design “hand science” guns and the people at the end of that barrel are their fans! WTF (what the faux)???? What is Apple doing????

Forget that Motorola had this technology a couple of years or so ago because Apple has! As usual Apple has reinvented again like they did with the reworking of Microsoft’s tablet PC! Apple is all about showmanship when launching their products and I really do believe that they have a hypnotic effect on those who buy into their waffle. Just watch their “keynote” videos and count how many Synonyms are (ab)used per minute! You say it often enough and people will start to believe it and just like my Adorable Friend you’ll just find yourself bursting into an impromptu “Get an iPhone!” exclamation without understanding why. I have never advised anyone to get a Samsung unless asked for my opinion. I find my Adorable Friend can be a pain sometimes – yes, just like religious folk who (unskilfully) suggest that I come to their church and absorb their way of thinking. Lol!

 The Touch ID comes at a sensitive time whereby the recent revelation that Apple, BlackBerry, Google and Microsoft were willingly giving away private information via the mobile device to the NSA and other intelligence agencies. I guess there is no need to tell you how paranoid we have become what with insurgence of terrorism around the world. I certainly do not feel 100% safe boarding a bus or London Underground train. In fact I do not feel safe on any form of transportation and I have resigned myself to thinking that when my time is up my time is up. I don’t think it matters whether or not if any information on me or anyone else is recorded by these “intelligence” agencies because technology sure as heck hasn’t done much – if anything – to prevent acts of terror.

However, many – including myself – prefer privacy than the notion that everything that I do on my handset, tablet and PC is being recorded to no real end. It’s rather like someone insisting that they come with me when I am popping out to the store, using the WC, stand behind me while I am preparing my meal and so on. How many people would get used to that after a while? There again I was brought up as a Christian and had to contend with God, The Silent Listener and Observer, is listening and watching everything I do. You’d think that knowing that I would feel comfortable defecating in public for all to see and sniff! Uh-uh! Lol!

I would feel uncomfortable with a fingerprint scanner / reader on any of my Android devices. I would rather wear a ring or manly bracelet that electronically transmits my passwords to my devices instead of using my fingerprint. I wish that Google, Samsung, LG, etc would take the electronic wearable password transmitter option.

I think we have become a more suspicious society. In any event I do not think much of the Touch ID facility on the iPhone.

...I think the notion of a 64-bit handset is a novelty. I think it is a waste of processor and that 32-bits would have taken a greater advantage of the A7 chip. But, hey, what do I know? What I do know is that the new camera isn’t able to shoot 4K video and that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and the Acer Liquid S2 phablets.

Apple and HTC believe that fewer pixels make for a better camera and I am not so sure. From what I have seen in the HTC One produces an overall all round good result in most conditions, but the image size is smaller than that of the Samsung Galaxy S4. I have learned that it is a combination of pixels, lens and flash that make for an optimal picture. Take the Sony Z1 with its 20.7MP camera as an example of a great handset camera! It produces clean, clear and crisp results! It astonishes! I hope to bring you a review very soon!

Then from video we go to audio and I can’t see what 64-bits have done to enhance the audio on the 5S. If you look at the Galaxy Note 3 it is able to utilize 192KHz, 24-bit audio and that makes me salivitate as a musician. There is no doubt in my mind that I must have the Galaxy Note 3! I am so excited at the prospect of making music on the go with the Galaxy Note 3!

Even an iPhone user has asked me about the Galaxy Note 3, Android and TouchWiz! That’s saying something because before the 5C and 5S were announced she was devout. In fact many iPhone users have expressed that they either jumping ship to Android or are seriously thinking about it. If technology is at the heart of your choices then the iPhone does not look very good. I would say that I do like the iMovie and Pages applications on the iPhone. That said, I can get similar apps on the Galaxy Note 2 which I am currently using.

Naturally, whatever you chose the choice is yours.

What do you reckon?

Take good care!

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