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Above: The sublime Galaxy S6 Edge. Apple can't do such a great handset. Sorry!


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It’s great that Samsung have received over 20 million pre-orders for the Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge! I’m certainly among that 20 million-odd as I want the Pearl White Galaxy S6 Edge! Ooooh, now I have to wait sooooooo, soooooooo long before I can have it! Ah! That’s life!

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Above: Digital Clown, Jony Ive who thinks iPhone users kill the battery because they use it too much. You have 10 seconds to use your Apple Watch starting from... NOW!

Jony Ive reckons that iPhone users wouldn’t want a bigger battery as it would add some bulk to the handset. But he didn’t design the thing to feature a removable battery to help matters. Ive suggests that the iPhone is so wonderful to use that people use it so very often that the battery is run flat within a couple of hours. It’s the same with the 6 Plus even though the battery is bigger and so that leaves the market open for extended battery cases and / sticks.

However, Samsung has been very, very considerate to the user with regards to the battery.

1. The battery has been removable since the first Galaxy S.

2. The batteries have been worked upon to make them charge in a shorter time frame. My Galaxy Note 2 takes ages to charge compared to my Note 4.

3. The battery within the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge has been further optimized (for faster charging) and includes wireless charging that I am sure will become a feature in coffee shops, restaurants and so on.

Why hasn’t Apple been able to do something with the battery along those lines? Normally I would find it strange but that is an Apple hallmark: it doesn’t create or invent they just remodel and drive the consumer to the iTunes. Just imagine how many more $ billion$ could be made if iPhone users were able to use their phones for longer. In time (pun intended) Apple will approach a manufacturer specializing in battery technologies to make the iPhone last longer.

Apple also likes to dictate to the consumer to hide that they can’t create or invent. “No! You like a smaller screen size! Android devices are bad! Keep away! Be afraid... Be very afraid...” Even now Apple haven’t managed to enable iOS to manage the full 1080p HD resolution in the standard or 6 Plus; Apple don’t know how to scale up to HD. Apparently they have poached some key Samsung players in screen technology. Well, that’s good for the dedicated iPhone follower!

Now Apple wants the Apple Watch user to use the apps within 10 seconds! Now talk about having the time! To think that Ive has been quoted to say, “Bad design is offensive...” Indeed... Digital Clowns!

"Excuse me... Do you have the time?"

"I've got 10 seconds!"

What you are going to see more often are claims that “Apple has beaten Samsung to become the largest mobile producer in the world...” But think about it... Apple only does 2 handsets: iPhone 6 & 6 Plus. Samsung on the other hand... I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess as its output is massive! Sure, Apple has broken the Chinese market for the first time and this surge for a taste of the all American Apple pie may prove to be short-lived as I mentioned in my other article that I wrote straight from my Galaxy S4 into the full Google Blogger website (I wish Google would sort out the Blogger app). iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Dumped in favour of the Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge

Yes, you will see these illogical claims by the Apple biased media throughout the year as the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge break sales records around the globe. Samsung has shown that they can do “premium” like no other and do a superb futuristic design with the Galaxy S6 Edge.

A friend sent me a link to this video by a so called tech video magazine... You would be forgiven by thinking that this outlet is up-to-date with the latest technology but no... And to think they have a mass audience! Gosh! How on Earth is that possible??? Even though there is meant to be some humour in this video its underlying message is based upon idiocy! Let’s take the crap apart to see what you have ingested! Lol!


Uh, duh! Why would anyone want to get a smartwatch over a brilliant handset like the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge? I wanna see the "presenter" watch a 4K YouTube video on his Apple Watch or any other smartwatch!


Hello? Anyone there? The battery has been updated so that it can last 4 hours from a 10 minute charge! Do that with an iPhone battery! A non-removable battery is not a reason to give the Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge a miss!


Well, not everyone wants a large screen handset. Me? I love them! However, the Galaxy Note 4 is not 64-bit (at least not in the UK) and if you are due an upgrade come April 10 2015 you just might want to get hold of the latest and greatest! I own a Galaxy Note 4 and I will own a Galaxy S6 Edge too! I am a serious user! Lol!


Hang on a minute... Didn’t the, er, “presenter” state that the reason why you shouldn’t get the Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge is because it contains a non-removable battery??? Guess what? The G Flex 2 features a non-removable battery! Also you haven’t seen or read an extensive review on how the G Flex 2 performs with the Qualcomm 810 chip that Samsung passed on!


I think there is a technical term for this guy... NUTS!

Seriously, the Galaxy S5 is a great handset – especially if you lead an active lifestyle i.e. you like jog, visit the gym, etc. The water resistance is great! However, the chances of you dropping your Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge in water are minimal as you won’t stick it in your unfastened breast-pocket, go to the toilet and lean over for it to drop in the bowl. When you place it in your jean or jacket pocket you are going to make sure that it is secure so it won’t fall out. My pockets are zipped or fastened shut so in the instance that I have to run for a bus, for example, my handsets aren’t flying out on the streets!

Again, the 64-bit processor in the Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge is 50% faster than the processor in the Galaxy S5 and that means you can play CPU intensive games without a stutter and that the whole user experience will be better for not having that “lag” associated with the heavy TouchWiz skin!

Notice that the “presenter” didn’t mention not having a microSD card slot because the iPhone doesn’t have it either! But the iPhone can’t make use of USB-OTG (on the go) devices. Here’s what someone said regarding using one of these devices...

“So, must I leave the USB-OTG flash drive in my phone all day? Lol!”

It’s as though technology has made some people stupid! If you think that you need to use all 64GB of external storage all day then by all means leave it in there!

Please check out my Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge solutions: External Battery & USB-OTG

Don’t be fooled by these so called tech-media nonsense! I understand that some subjectivity can come into the equation when pointing out one’s favourite features of any technology but you have to qualify subjectivity with objectivity i.e. some comparison on the competition and not some “top 5” listing that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever!

My job as consumer technology writer is to show you my decision making on products based on good old fashioned sound reasoning that anyone can understand. It’s not my thing to actually tell you what to buy! And it’s good when I get challenged on my reviews too! Sometimes I am put in positions where I have to defend and there are times when I’ve made a genuine mistake. But above all my motivations to write isn’t money oriented. No company is going to pay me to push its products when I know that other products are better – in my humble opinion!

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