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Sprung backwards?


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Now that the Apple Watch has been reviled – I mean revealed - will you be getting it?

Here’s my thoughts... Read on...

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It seems that Apple has honed its keynotes to begin with announcing a new store. And why not as money is the bottom line for Cook / Apple? Of course! The mark-up price for Apple devices is so high that they can afford to open up these massive shops – churches – to bring in the flock.

'Bringing in the sheep, bringing in the sheep,
We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheep...'

The Church of Apple is spreading its gospel around the globe. The new Chinese store in Westlake, Hangzhou. The shop looks great; it’s so beautifully realized like most Apple stores.

Straight over to Apple TV... I don’t think Cook realized it but he has revealed that the Apple TV box is not a great seller and will probably only appeal to Apple parishioners – the operative word being “probably” as there are better TV gadgets around such as Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku 1 & 2, Now TV (here in the UK at least) and at some point the Google Nexus Player which looks an awful lot like Amazon Fire TV.

The price dropped to $69 for the event from $99. Oh, the audience which looked like it mainly consisted of Apple personnel, was treated to the Game of Thrones trailer for the next season. I can’t say that Apple TV was impressive.

“Todhaay we have exciting neouws that the CEOhhh from HBOhhh...”

Is it me but has Cook changed is accent to a syrupy Southern drawl? Talk about pouring it on! Again, Cook makes bold and illogical claims that Apple TV has “reinvented the way in which people watch television.”

Let’s forget about the other aforementioned digital TV solutions. And let’s forget about the NVIDIA 4K video streaming console while we’re at it!

Next up was some talk or hype – whatever you prefer – about the iPhone. Again, more exaggerations as the “retina” screen is dead to a many Android handsets including Samsung’s SuperAMOLED technology. Bear in mind that Apple has poached some Samsung screen experts. As for the iPhone design... Well, I guess that is subjective as I don’t like it. I think that what Motorola has done with the Moto is excellent as is LG handsets, HTC and, of course, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge!

Oh, may I remind you that the iPhone can’t do proper 1080p HD on the standard version of the 6 range while the Galaxy S6 models are boasting quad HD 5.1” screens. There is a flaw in the iOS operating system with regards to full HD. So, whoever considers that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is the “best mobile phones in the world” hasn’t touched a premium or even high-end Android phone. I LOVE technology and that I don’t own an iPhone should tell you something. Anyhoo, the fact that I think that iPhone is outdated and outclassed on many levels didn’t stop me from appreciating the medical research aspect of the keynote.

I was actually quite touched that Apple have spent some time engaging medical research centres to monitor many ailments that include Parkinson’s, Asthma and a few others, by using the iPhone. It’s peculiar that Apple can be concerned about health yet its record on being Earth and people friendly is less than healthy where the sourcing of materials go and the workers in the manufacturing plants are concerned. Not to mention McDonald’s fast food chain of restaurants accepts Apple Pay! I’ll have a Big Mac to go with my heart attack, thank you!

Yes, Cook also mentioned a 50% growth for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus over the industry as a whole. Again, these figures show the following:-

A) Many Android consumers held off purchases last year because they want the new 64-bit devices. C’mon, Cook knows better than that. Android has sold over a billion devices last year. Come April 10 I expect to see a large spike in the Android market for the Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge. And there will be a rush for other handsets too: LG G4, HTC One M9, ASUS ZenFone 2 and many others. Make a note: 2015 is the year of 64-bit Android and I am quite sure that sales will be exponential.

B) Despite trying to dictate to iPhone users about the 4.5” handset being ideal to fit the hand there was a great, great demand for a bigger iPhone. And there are two reasons why Apple didn’t want to raise the size bar 1). As mentioned earlier, Apple is not able to do proper HD as many apps do not scale up! Just look at the situation with the 5S and how there were black bars around certain apps; it also caused developers a bit of a headache to recode the apps to fit. 2). Apple knew that it would be a disaster for the iPad. The iPad compared to Android tablets haven’t become ubiquitous on the streets. Cannibalization has hit the iPad big time with the advent of 6 Plus that Apple is now trying to get it into schools and business. There wasn’t a mention of an iPad Pro for that reason as Apple is struggling to shift the iPad units they have already.

While the sales have been exceptional for Apple for the iPhone I have documented the great amount of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus units being dumped in the computer exchange stores and will continue to happen as some iPhone users are jumping ship to the Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge.

Moving on, Apple introduced the reinvention of its notepad, Macbook. The Macbook is a gorgeous looking notepad with a new keyboard and new battery technology. Well done! As you have probably figured I am not a Mac person and there are great Macbook alternatives for the PC. And – if you are brave enough – there will be a few decent 64-bit Android tablets from the likes of Samsung, Sony and others. But for Macbook users / Apple enthusiasts it is potentially brilliant news! Once again Apple have created yet another connection technology in the USB-C port that connects with a USB-C cable that is the same end to end and there is not top or bottom to it. Great! But not so great because you will need an adapter to for your current devices which comes in at $79!

Does this mean that the Lightning port and cable is obsolete? Will USB-C be a feature of the iPhone 6S? iPad? I can see that USB-C will piss off some Apple users but many will invite this as progress. Still, $79 for an adapter??? I guess that’s another area where Apple can generate a massive profit on something that should cost no more than $2 to make – probably!

As per usual the introduction of the new Macbook ended with a video featuring the voice of Apple’s design god, Jony Ive. $1299 & $1599???? Not me!

There was also some news about the Macbook Pro that does not seem to feature the USB-C port but Thunderbolt is there for sure.


Above: Turn to the left! Fa, fa, fa, fa, fashion!

At last... Apple Watch! “The most advanced timepiece ever created...” No, I don’t think so! The pricing is even crazier than the claim! Pricing starts at: $350 (£299, AU$499) and ends at $17,000 (£13,500, AU$24,000) and I don’t see where the value is apart from using the precious metal gold.

Apple used a fashion model to sell it further, Christy Turlington Burns who has many strings to her bow including being a marathon runner. Cue Turlington Burns video... She’s also going to run a London marathon that is a Virgin Money fundraiser and guess what Turlington Burns will be wearing for the event... ...yes, the Apple Watch!
The demo didn’t impress me at all; I think Apple Watch is pretty less than ordinary and that’s why Cook is pushing it as a fashion accessory – hence the gold! If I didn’t know better I would say it’s a joke!

As an Android user I can see that it would be advantageous to not reach for the phone each and every time and therefore it is cost effective for an Android smartwatch. I also like that Samsung has done with the Gear S that doesn’t rely on a handset like the Apple Watch and Android Wear because it uses its own Tizen operating system that is compatible with Galaxy handsets. I do think that Samsung has the right idea and I would love for them to deliver a smartwatch with the full version of Android whereby I can use it standalone or in conjunction with my other Android handsets. But here is the problem that I have with the smartwatch concept...

 Detonating the Digital Crown; it's just a matter of time (sorry) before the Apple parishioners get to find out how long the battery will last!

I don’t really want a smartwatch... As a child I watched loads of Sci-Fi TV and movies right up to the present day. Jeez, I was just watching Blade Runner the Director’s Cut and noted just how much the screen technology has dated. Anyhoo! I want a cylindrical wristband that is 80% screen! I think that can be achieved by Samsung with its YOUM flexible screen technology incased in flexiglass or some kind of silicone material that can be washed and water resistant. As a technology fanatic I would welcome yet another handset in this form!

For some reason I am one of those people who just can’t wear a watch. I find it irritating. Of course, that’s just me. I would love to try a smartwatch for a couple of months to see what kind of experience it would give me. Will it be an enhancement or just a relatively expensive accessory – but nothing as expensive like the Apple Watch!

Apple have gone to great lengths in making the thing look like a watch and, once again, because it is so expensive I would spend the money on better things i.e. a 64-bit Android tablet, a trip to a seaside town for a weekend stay in a hotel, a trip to Germany, replacing my 3G Android with a 4G one or just treat myself (and someone else) in a decent authentic Japanese sushi restaurant or an alternative restaurant for seafood!

Oh, it was funny that Google put out an ad for Android Wear just before the Apple Watch keynote! I guess that’s to show how Apple is once again trying to reinvent an existing technology. Noted from the time (oooh, not intentional but I like it) Apple announced it during the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus keynote.

The battery in the Apple Watch is supposed to last 18 hours but that remains to be seen. As you know from my last article on Apple, ‘Digital Clowns,’ they are prepared to blame the user for using the device too much. Blame it on the love for these beautiful, gorgeous and fantastic products – as Apple would say and boy do they!

I can’t honestly say that I was impressed by anything in the Apple keynote where I say to myself, “I want one of those...” I do feel that Apple is lagging behind. All that fuss to introduce an over expensive mediocre smartwatch and products in general. I just do not see the point. That elitist nonsense is disharmonious to the planet. Freaking £13,500 for a dumbwatch! Yeah, that’s what I call it, “dumbwatch” it doesn’t do anything that will change lives. You know what? I could put the £299 towards a Galaxy S5 that I know I can take to the gym with me and not worry about sweat, water, etc.

The only thing that looks good and promising is the USB-C standard that was made with other technology houses with Apple.

Tim Cook? Even though he toned down the competition bashing I get the impression that he’s in cloud cuckoo land in thinking that Apple products “are the best in the world.” Apple just comes across to me as a dictatorship: this is what we’ve done and you are going to like them and pay whatever price tag we put upon it.

Again, Apple does not invent. You can’t even say that they reinvent as the iPhone is appalling (for the reasons above). Apple redesigns. I wonder what technology they will hijack next... Apple TV shows me that it has run out of ideas to be shamelessly flogging an old device like that as the aforementioned TV gadgets are better and less expensive too! Apple should have at least showcased Apple TV 2 in addition.

It’s obvious to me that sales and profit comes before true innovation. The Apple Watch isn’t a threat to Android Wear after all that fighting talk and put downs – aimed primarily at Samsung. Apple can be likened to the theatrics of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. “Yeah, Samsung! I am gonna smack you down with 6 Plus!”

C’mon, Apple... Let’s apply some more effort in technological innovation. Hey, I HATE tin openers! How about redesigning the tin opener as I had to struggle opening a can of fish the other day! iTin! Put an AI in it that speaks to me to let me know that I am doing it right or wrong... “No. It’s the wrong angle and if you are not going to apply yourself you had better put me back in the drawer...” Yeah, I’d buy that.

On a more serious note... I would have loved for Apple to say that they will do more for the Foxconn factory workers as the BBC documentary, Panorama, showed what life is like for a factory worker. Anti-suicide nets???? C'mon!

The Apple Watch is on sale April 24 2015.

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