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The MacBook Air 2015 is very cost effective for Apple if people buy it!

Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! It is so wonderful to see you! It’s getting late now and I am on a little bit of a roll... I am downloading my mind while freedom of speech is still an option!

This week a couple of people called me a “Samsung Knight” because of my recent articles on Apple. These people obviously feel that I shouldn’t criticise technological issues or lack thereof... I obviously think otherwise! Read on...

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Y’know, people... No, that’s the wrong terminology... Let me start again...

Unless my understanding comes from another dimension I could swear that Apple announced a whole load of polished turds at the recent Sprung Backwards keynote on the 9th of March. And it seems to me like the Church of Apple parishioners are on a mission (nice pun loaded with great irony – even if I do say so myself) to justify the crap they are given from that fashion house that tries to marry a Frankenstein monster of bought technology (as Apple really haven’t done anything since the Mackintosh) with the freaky bride of fashion / design.

Y’know, the Church of Apple parishioners are just like any other extreme religious organization that can’t hack (hee hee) criticism of its doctrine. Sorry, Apple parishioners but I critique consumer technology. If you want to pretend that you know my thoughts without reading them and claiming them as “click bait”... Who says “click bait” in this day and age? Oh, Apple fanatics! Pardon me! If you can’t take criticism then by all means don’t read my articles on your beloved brand / religion. And don’t bother me with your attempts at character assassination as you ought to look at yourself for buying into half-baked and overpriced, er, technology (sic). For the Apple fanatics that are still here reason with me...

Above: Digital Clown, Jony Ive.

About your iPhone... Tell me, does the standard iPhone come in full 1080p? The answer is no. How is it that you are willing to pay such a high price for it in comparison to Android handsets? Okay, the Samsung manufactured A8 processor is good and iOS is pretty light in that there is no lag on it, but there is no lag on the non-64-bit Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Google / Motorola Nexus 6 that both feature a quad-HD resolution that’s 1440 x 2560 pixels to you as you are probably ignorant of that fact! Yet the iPhone 6 Plus is extortionately priced and it can only manage a 1080p screen???? Do you actually believe Cook and co when they tell you that these “handsets are viewed by many as the best in the industry,”? By whose standards??? There again Apple seems to have bought off the tech-media from the so-called “professionals” to so-called “bloggers & vloggers”.

It’s not okay for me to criticise Apple’s smartphone efforts but it is okay for you to attack Samsung for outclassing the iPhone 10 times over with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge by claiming, “It’s an Android iPhone...” Mind you there are some Android extremists too who say the same thing but cannot see how the battery is markedly different from not only the iPhone’s battery but the previous Galaxy S and Note generations in that they allow you to charge rapidly! And the Android extremists think that they are going to run out of storage space with the current options when the Galaxy S4 (and possibly S5) was sold under contract in the UK with only 16GB with a microSD slot. Yes, I know... I am starting to repeat myself but it is as though some Android folk don’t know how to use cloud storage...

There are a good number of cloud storage options aside from Google Drive and they all allow you to access these drives from a computer! And if you happen to live in an area where a good 3G / 4G cannot be easily accessed and have no unlimited data then the USB on the go flash drives (that are often more inexpensive than its microSD cousin) is another option. And, of course, you can hook the handset up to the PC and transfer files across (that includes sensitive pictures and images) to be burned on a DVD or Bluray disc. Some Android people are going on as if they feel compelled to use up all the internal storage on the new Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge handsets all at once! That is never going to happen. Again, Samsung has eschewed the 16GB internal storage for 32GB as a standard and, once again, it seems as though UK carriers are giving the consumer the 64 and 128 GB options on the S6 Edge. I am up for that! That’s my rant over regarding the badly kitted out iPhone and these ill-conceived ideas about the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge being an “iPhone clone”.

I will spare you the repetition as you already know how I feel about that... You’re paying an extra $349 to keep your £539.00 16GB iPhone 6 and £619 16GB iPhone 6 Plus in your pocket... Apple Watch(out)!

You know already what I think about that heap of junk, right? Read it here: Apple TV Junk


Above: MacBook Air 2015 with the brilliant GarageBand on the display. 

Let me see if I understand it correctly... The only thing you will be able to do with the new $1299 Macbook Notebook is to take notes on it??? You probably can’t use it for serious video editing or anything of a serious productivity nature because the processor isn’t powerful enough, is that right??? It looks like you are getting a mobile device experience in a notebook form for, iRepeat, $1299??? Wouldn’t be better off with an iPad, a proper Macbook, a decent 64-bit Android phablet / tablet or PC desktop or laptop??? There’s only one USB C port on it that requires a $79 adaptor??? Are you kidding me???

Above: ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook that features 2 USB 3 ports and HDMI! It's starts at $1,080 with a Intel Core i5-5200U Processor (3MB Cache, up to 2.70GHz). You can add a Core i7 processor and add a touchscreen for around $1, 890! 

The new Macbook...

So, that’s my critique of Apple and if you don’t like it then tough! If you want to buy these products then good for you! I guess you love a brand over real technological innovation. Feair enough... Let me leave you with this...

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