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What’s up with Microsoft, huh?

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I supposed you’ve caught wind of Microsoft devious plan to convert Android phones into Windows, right? Yes, apparently this is the latest from Microsoft in a bid to stay in the mobile devices market! But somehow I don’t think this is going to fly as most mobile device consumers are buying into a specific operating system i.e. iOS and, of course, Android.

Yes, I know that Microsoft is desperate to stay relevant but I think that this latest idea is pretty silly for the reason mentioned above.


OK, so Microsoft has lost the web browser battle to Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Microsoft has only itself to blame. In fact I can attest to Internet Explorer rendering one of my computer systems inoperable. I had to format and reinstall. I HATE the Microsoft can allow for these stupid discrepancies with its operating system and browser.

Microsoft is also losing the tablet game too; Surface Pro is a great idea but too expensive for most people for it to become ubiquitous. If only more time was spent in developing the Surface and other Windows based tablets with a full version of the Windows operating system instead of the ill-fated RT version... I reckon that Microsoft could have introduced the Surface Pro at a lower price entry. Never mind...

And to be totally honest I think that Microsoft was wrong to buy Nokia; hardly anyone wants a Windows handset. You’d have thought that the problem would be a lack of apps in comparison to iOS and Android respective application outlets, right? No. The problem is that the Windows handset is trying to be like the competition and therefore it is at a distinct disadvantage. Microsoft is primarily a software company and to have such a wealth of experience yet squandering opportunities is such a huge shame.

Microsoft needs to do what it should be doing best and make software! Yes, Microsoft / Satya Nadella; make freaking software!


What Microsoft has going for it is the unanimous PC that resides in many, many households. It is true that this is slowly changing as many families are switching to the phablet and tablet rather than to buy another PC that will be outdated as soon as it is set-up. Most families these days want to surf the web and play the odd game or two. Gamers are going for consoles. However, there are still many out there that use their PC for productivity such as desktop publishing (written documents, PDF, photos, websites, videos, etc), music making, video editing and so on.

By comparison Apple computing is very much like a cult – a big cult! Hence the clever Apple retail outlets that looks like a cross between a church and a boutique. Microsoft has never needed to create such an impression as there are loads of retail outlets for the Windows PC. Anyone can go to a PC market and pick up parts and assemble a system. Microsoft was too fixated on making huge gains on the Windows operating system or systems if you include the NT version. Microsoft was too comfortable with the success of Windows and ensuring that Internet Explorer was the only web browser people used. As hinted at earlier, Microsoft released the most bug ridden products ever! And it certainly didn’t help when Microsoft kept trying to levy its own technologies for the web; it almost worked as I did get FrontPage – the equivalent of Dreamweaver for making Windows specific websites. How foolish of me! Eventually Microsoft got shot down with trying to monopolize the web and many of its products i.e. FrontPage and the equivalent to Adobe Flash faded into obscurity. It was as if someone got some pliers and removed the fangs from a vampire.

The one thing that Microsoft has got going for it is what they seem to be squandering... Software!


If Microsoft is the Windows PC could be history! I think it’s just matter of time before either Chrome OS becomes more powerful and enables a higher standard of productivity than word processing or an Android PC enters the market. There is already an unofficial means of porting Android to Intel and AMD based computers; I am quite sure that Google are working behind the scenes on its own version of Android aimed at breathing a bit of life into outdated Windows based PCs. And I suspect that this Android version will work on the very latest from Intel and AMD.

What Microsoft needs to focus on right now is SOFTWARE! If you look at what Apple has done and continues to do is to buy out top notch productivity software in the areas of music, video and other areas. I am quite surprised that Microsoft hasn’t bought out some key software houses and put some oomph behind them! I can think of a handful of PC specific software houses that could do with being under Microsoft’s wings. I keep hearing of or reading stories that Microsoft is funding the likes of Cyanogen Inc but I am not hearing / reading stories about Microsoft buying up or investing in PC based software houses to keep consumers buying PC!

Microsoft can easily create software for the Android platform that people would want to buy! Again, I keep saying it but all Android needs are just a handful of decent applications that people will want to use again and again. In my opinion there is not much point in having an app store populated with a million apps if the majority of them are crapware. So, instead of trying to recreate the wheel in terms of hardware in the form of a Windows phone Microsoft ought to put out some unbeatable applications for Android. People will pay for good apps. These apps can also output to formats that can be read / understood by Windows. Microsoft can also do this for iOS too!

Similarly Microsoft can create indispensable apps for its Windows handsets to make people want to buy them. Apps that just can’t be had on iOS or Android but I fear that the ship has already sailed and nobody is really interested into owning a Windows handset as Microsoft dropped the ball when it comes to applications for the handset. All Microsoft had to do was say, “Right, gang! Look! We are not going to try and match iOS or Android application stores for quantity. However, we are going to blow them out of the water for quality!” It would have been so difficult for a massive multibillion company that Microsoft is to create app divisions for video, music, graphics, photo and web design applications. Had Microsoft done that I would have had a Windows handset from day one! But no! Microsoft didn’t have a strategy other than to get some device out there to join the pissing contest. That was bloody stupid!

I do think that Microsoft could get a huge amount of consumers if it decided to put some serious applications together for its own mobile platform. Applications can output finished results or be further edited upon the desktop / laptop. As it stands I am not going to convert my Android handsets to Windows. Microsoft really ought to develop quality apps for the Android platform, sell them at a reasonable price and in doing so it could have millions of users finishing off projects that started out on the Android handset on the PC. I am thinking about music and video editing especially. The first port of call for Microsoft is to create a PC font installer for Android; I would love to be able to use PC TrueType fonts on my Android handset without having to resort to rooting. C'mon, Microsoft! Stop messing around and pull your finger out! If I wanted a Windows experience I would resort to a Windows launcher! See screenshot below!

 That’s something to think about!


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